living with your parents.. as an adult

This is pigacorn.. my papa enjoys setting her up around the house in places like this….

I obviously live with my parents! In 2016 my parents and myself decided to move in to a small townhouse in Beaufort. We moved together. I had been living in va beach and they had been living in Raleigh area.

I have to say the first year was hard. Understanding what each of us wanted and needed for and from each other. And how we worked and figuring it all out.

I was not doing anywhere near good health wise and neither where they and we didn’t have much money. And didn’t know what was happening or going to happen.

But we finally figure each other out mostly. And since then it’s gotten easy we figure how what to do what to say and what not to and it’s funnier then ever and we still have days where it’s hard. But mostly it’s good! Funny silly sweet and over all very very random!!

but here are 13 weird things about living with your parents…. As an adult!


You start to truly notice the what your parents react to your other family members by friends by anyone. You see when they get hurt by others especially other family. And learn how to make them feel better!


You know weirdly personal things about each other.…


You start to know all of the times they take their meds and knowing every med they take. and knowing the way they act when they don’t take their meds and the way they act when they are taking them.


You start to figure out if they are in pain without them every saying they are.

You also know how to relieve some pain from them if it’s just rubbing their back, watching something funny. Or just Not talking to them or just giving them a cookie whatever it is you know what you need or don’t need to do.

But you don’t always know…


You know what they need help with and what they don’t want help with. And what they need help with but don’t want help with…


I have some of the most random conversations with my parents. The other day me my mom and my papa had a long conversation about what the difference is in horror movies and scary movies or my mom and I having a long conversation about walkers in the walking dead changing over the course of the show.


You know every tv show, movies, downton abbey, series they like and don’t like. And you know shows we watch together and shows we watch apart. And shows we watch when there is only two of us and on so.

And what things you like to do. Like for my papa studying the Bible and studying to teach different classes he teaches. going to talk to people. Watching tv being funny playing with the dogs!

For my mom it’s things like playing the piano. Singing, Cleaning and pricing the jewelry for the thrift store. Watching tv listening to music. Studying the Bible And talking to people watching the adorable tiny humans!


You learn to look at all the scars of all the things they’ve gone through over the years. All the times you’ve hurt and they’ve hurt and come to realize how and why they do things. And how strong they are to be able to handle it all with such grace!


You know when they are upset sad angry but not always sure what who or why they are upset or angry.

But you know ways to make it better. You learn ways to know how to see them listen to them. Or leave them alone. You still get it wrong sometimes but you try.


Y’all can talk without saying anything… you just know… by looking at each other.

The other day while my mom was talking to someone. My papa and I without saying anything figured out if my mom took her meds and which one she forgot… we are weird sometimes.

You know them because you love them


You know they are your parents but they slowly become like your friends in the weirdest way. You know how to talk to each other.

We have jokes and random things we say to each other. We laugh we cry we enjoy our random things..

If someone drops or makes a random loud noise or whatever we asks each other “are you ok?” Because when all three of us could fall and have fallen and got hurt. You wanna make sure.

My papa’s way of not way of doing the dishes if you can’t get into the dish then there are no dishes to be washed…


You become comfortable with each other! You don’t feel weird or awkward at all around each other. You know how to make each other laugh. You have inside Jokes.

And do random things to make each other laugh or tease each other. Like my papa and my self like to take random little figurines or toys type things and put them in weird places all over the house! Rory loved this and always laughs and has fun when she comes!

We have quotes from movies, tv shows, random things we’ve said. Random things children around us have said! Like

Us to Eden a one year old we watch

“What’s the magic word?” – Meme

“Mine!” – Eden……


You truly see them at their best. Their worse. You truly see how strong they are mentally, physically, emotionally, and more then any of them how strong they are spiritually!

I have more respect, love and amazement for my parents then i ever have! Daily I see them overcome things. See them be a shining light in so many peoples life. I see how much their simple things they don’t think are a big. How much of a big deal it is to so many.

I see the hours they put in to do all they. I see their struggles in ways I never have. I see them be brave. I see them be silly! I see them enjoy the simple things.

If it’s just sitting on the sofa and watching the nanny or the walking dead or random other shows! They have joy and find joy in so many things. So many different things. They are amazingly fabulous! But they find the biggest joy they find in the Lord.

Now it’s not always easy but it’s not always hard. It’s not always funny (but honestly most of the time it is!) but above all that it’s always full of love!

Shayweasel and her parents live together..

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