I hope your not the first in line

You don’t want to go to the ER in general. You don’t want to be here. But somehow you ended up here.

There are a bunch of people in the waiting room. All waiting for help. I’m just the one sitting off to the side.

An elderly lady checks in and sits in the waiting room chair. And within five minutes she’s taken back. And sadly I know a lot abii ok it that.

I almost feel guilty that I’m so glad I’m not the first in line. I’m glad I’m just here for something simple. Here for something fast. I’m so glad they know how to act so fast.

When your the first in line. In the er it doesn’t mean they like you more. It’s not a privilege to go that fast. It’s a burden and a scary act.

It means your not doing good. That somethings really wrong it means that you need help bad. Right now. I’m not the first in line because I’m not doing bad.

I’ve been brought into the ER like that. I’ve seen them work real fast. I’ve been scared and quiet. Praying for this to be all right.

So go that little old lady I pray whoever brought you is fixed or at least they help you some how.

You might never get better or maybe it’s not like that. I just hope you don’t feel bad. That you went back before everyone else has.

And to the other people the one who has been mean. The ones who see this and almost show jealous I hope they find out why they should be glad. That they aren’t the first in line.

Shayweasel is glad to not be first

living with your parents.. as an adult

This is pigacorn.. my papa enjoys setting her up around the house in places like this….

I obviously live with my parents! In 2016 my parents and myself decided to move in to a small townhouse in Beaufort. We moved together. I had been living in va beach and they had been living in Raleigh area.

I have to say the first year was hard. Understanding what each of us wanted and needed for and from each other. And how we worked and figuring it all out.

I was not doing anywhere near good health wise and neither where they and we didn’t have much money. And didn’t know what was happening or going to happen.

But we finally figure each other out mostly. And since then it’s gotten easy we figure how what to do what to say and what not to and it’s funnier then ever and we still have days where it’s hard. But mostly it’s good! Funny silly sweet and over all very very random!!

but here are 13 weird things about living with your parents…. As an adult!


You start to truly notice the what your parents react to your other family members by friends by anyone. You see when they get hurt by others especially other family. And learn how to make them feel better!


You know weirdly personal things about each other.…


You start to know all of the times they take their meds and knowing every med they take. and knowing the way they act when they don’t take their meds and the way they act when they are taking them.


You start to figure out if they are in pain without them every saying they are.

You also know how to relieve some pain from them if it’s just rubbing their back, watching something funny. Or just Not talking to them or just giving them a cookie whatever it is you know what you need or don’t need to do.

But you don’t always know…


You know what they need help with and what they don’t want help with. And what they need help with but don’t want help with…


I have some of the most random conversations with my parents. The other day me my mom and my papa had a long conversation about what the difference is in horror movies and scary movies or my mom and I having a long conversation about walkers in the walking dead changing over the course of the show.


You know every tv show, movies, downton abbey, series they like and don’t like. And you know shows we watch together and shows we watch apart. And shows we watch when there is only two of us and on so.

And what things you like to do. Like for my papa studying the Bible and studying to teach different classes he teaches. going to talk to people. Watching tv being funny playing with the dogs!

For my mom it’s things like playing the piano. Singing, Cleaning and pricing the jewelry for the thrift store. Watching tv listening to music. Studying the Bible And talking to people watching the adorable tiny humans!


You learn to look at all the scars of all the things they’ve gone through over the years. All the times you’ve hurt and they’ve hurt and come to realize how and why they do things. And how strong they are to be able to handle it all with such grace!


You know when they are upset sad angry but not always sure what who or why they are upset or angry.

But you know ways to make it better. You learn ways to know how to see them listen to them. Or leave them alone. You still get it wrong sometimes but you try.


Y’all can talk without saying anything… you just know… by looking at each other.

The other day while my mom was talking to someone. My papa and I without saying anything figured out if my mom took her meds and which one she forgot… we are weird sometimes.

You know them because you love them


You know they are your parents but they slowly become like your friends in the weirdest way. You know how to talk to each other.

We have jokes and random things we say to each other. We laugh we cry we enjoy our random things..

If someone drops or makes a random loud noise or whatever we asks each other “are you ok?” Because when all three of us could fall and have fallen and got hurt. You wanna make sure.

My papa’s way of not way of doing the dishes if you can’t get into the dish then there are no dishes to be washed…


You become comfortable with each other! You don’t feel weird or awkward at all around each other. You know how to make each other laugh. You have inside Jokes.

And do random things to make each other laugh or tease each other. Like my papa and my self like to take random little figurines or toys type things and put them in weird places all over the house! Rory loved this and always laughs and has fun when she comes!

We have quotes from movies, tv shows, random things we’ve said. Random things children around us have said! Like

Us to Eden a one year old we watch

“What’s the magic word?” – Meme

“Mine!” – Eden……


You truly see them at their best. Their worse. You truly see how strong they are mentally, physically, emotionally, and more then any of them how strong they are spiritually!

I have more respect, love and amazement for my parents then i ever have! Daily I see them overcome things. See them be a shining light in so many peoples life. I see how much their simple things they don’t think are a big. How much of a big deal it is to so many.

I see the hours they put in to do all they. I see their struggles in ways I never have. I see them be brave. I see them be silly! I see them enjoy the simple things.

If it’s just sitting on the sofa and watching the nanny or the walking dead or random other shows! They have joy and find joy in so many things. So many different things. They are amazingly fabulous! But they find the biggest joy they find in the Lord.

Now it’s not always easy but it’s not always hard. It’s not always funny (but honestly most of the time it is!) but above all that it’s always full of love!

Shayweasel and her parents live together..

How you Stand up makes the difference

You can beleive whatever you want. God has given us free will. You can stand up (metaphorically because some can’t physically stand if you know what I mean anyway..) it’s not just standing up for what you beleive in. No.

It’s about how you stand up. It’s better to understand both sides and be kind to both sides. But sometimes there are millions of sides. But that’s ok but sometimes not standing up isn’t an option (from here on out just know I’m still talking metaphorically because not all people can ya know physically stand up…)

Say you beleive pet stores are horrid and you decide to chain your self to the store or to stand outside with signs telling everyone how horrid they are for walking in. Or you decide to set it on fire or steal everything inside.. Its not very effective.

But if you stand outside and talk to people. Tell them information about why you hate pet stores. It might make a difference but it makes less of a scene but sometimes that’s ok. Sometimes there is no right way to stand up.

When you stand up and end up hurting people physically, like shooting them in the streets. It doesn’t matter what your standing up for. your now making whatever you are standing up for look bad.

Emotions are important But you can’t let the emotions control you. You have to think logically before you just start screaming and going after whatever it is that your standing up for.

If you are against hate. You can’t hate the people who are for hate… because when you do that… you actually are just doing what they are doing Your hating.

You can’t knock someone down and then be mad that they knocked someone down on the way to stand back up.

You have to stand up in the right way. Ask yourself sometimes am I standing up or am I just making a scene?

You can make a scene but it might not change a thing.

Nothing but the Lord is set in stone! You have to learn to understand laws can change good bad or weird ways. Things change. Life changes.

What someone did a 100 years ago that we might think is horridly the worst thing ever. That in a 100 years someone might think that way about us

Life is hard to understand. Sometimes when you knock someone down you need to be the one to help them back up. You don’t have to scream at someone. You don’t have to go and set things on fire.

You don’t have to go erase history to say how horrid people in the past were. Or whatever it is. Because you can’t have it both ways. You need to know history is there and learn from the horrid things and acts people might have done. And learn from it. Learn.

Whenever you look at history and only look at the bad things they did the horrid ways they acted. You are going to keep looking at the bad.

Now I’m not saying that you should be fine with all the bad. And over look it all. No I’m saying that you have to think of the millions people including yourself and the horrid things you’ve said and done. The secrets the lies. And the trends you have followed in.

The things you’ve done because you thought that was the way it was suppose to be. Sometimes you aren’t breaking the rules you just didn’t know the rules in the first place.

Standing up for what you beleive in is important but how you choose to stand up for it now that that is more important. And that’s harder.

Sometimes you just gotta ask God where to stand how to stand and why you need to stand before you even try to stand up.

Shayweasel is confusing

Glasses on

I don’t have a lot of photos of myself so here is one with me and Rory

In movies and In books and Even in life I have seen countless times where the main dorky or weird person gets a makeover and the one thing they seem to do thw most is take off their glasses wearing contacts like somehow that makes them prettier.

And everyone is so amazed by this beautiful person they suddenly see with a new outfit and glasses free and pretty shoes!

They act like this person is so much more pretty then ever before. And then someone says it’s normally the main popular guy or girl or their old friends are like I liked you better before or wow I never knew how pretty you were.

The person then realizes suddenly how beautiful they were all along! They normally don’t go back to their old clothes or put their glasses back on sometimes they do but it’s like they realize suddenly how to be beautiful.

I never understood why you’d want to take your glasss off to look more beautiful. Like I know They might have contacts in or whatever. But why does that make them look prettier.

I think I look less sick with my glasses on then I do with them off. But more importantly the world looks so much more gorgeous to me with them on.

Because when I take my glasses off apparently the world thinks I’m more gorgeous. But the issue is with my glasses off life is a blur I run into things can’t see what’s ahead of me clearly. I have to look closers to see anything.

So while the would sees me more beautifully without them off, I see the world more beautifully with my glasses on.

I think we always do that. I think as humans we see the world is prettier without thinking that the world sees us beautiful or not.

Because when you don’t let what the world wants us to do or be or anything things are easier to see we can see inside ourselves easier when we can see everything outside ourselves clearer.

But when we only care what the world things we can’t see things clearly. We are all blind to the world sometimes when we try to do what everyone wants us to.

So I might not be beautiful in the worlds eyes with my glasses off…

The world is so much more beautiful in my eyes with my glasses on!

Shayweasel is keeping her glasses on…

Are you an apple or something else

So I like to start off with saying I am just saying

Have you ever watched a commercial for a Samsung phone or dell laptop you know how they compare them to the leading competitors?

They tell you how much better there products work then all those ridiculous others?

Have you ever seen a political commercial and they tell you how ridiculous and horrid the other is and tell you barely anything about what their plan is.

It’s like well my plan is to not be that guy but like no matter what you aren’t going to be them

You know how all they seem to do is put the other down.

Life is this way like how do you expect children, adults, anyone, and people to stop bullying each other if all they seem sometimes is how much better one thing is then the others? Like look How fabulous I am but they suck..

The world seems to love to point out all the bad all the mean and hurt.

Have you ever watched an iPhone commercial? How they show you their phone. Sometimes not even saying anything they show you how the camera works.

They tell you what the phone can do. It shows the moments you might miss without your phone. It’s different.

I’m not saying ones better then the other I’m saying that maybe the world would be kinder if instead of telling how much people suck that you instead just showed people what you could or watched what other people can do.

You don’t have to put others down for someone to love you to be friends with you you gotta show it and it’s easier when you aren’t trying to be better then someone else but instead being ok with however you are.

So are you an apple or something else?

Shayweasel out…

“No judgement” is a two way street to judgement

Judgement can be foggy

I hear people say they wish that people wouldn’t judge others the problem with this kind of thinking is that you are right there judging them for judging others.

There can never be no judgement. Because judgement can be a good thing and a bad thing.

A judge doesn’t just convected people to jail they also prove innocence. I’m not saying that there is never a time someone was convicted of something they didn’t do no I’m saying that judgement is important

Good or bad it’s important. We use our judgement in all different ways. And everyday we judge who we believe are good or bad. So we can stay safe

We judge our parents, family friends random people we meet to make sure that we aren’t gonna get murdered. Yea normal things.

Judgement is weird without it things would be very bad with it things can still be very bad with them to.

I think that when you do get judged wrongly by someone you love hate or whoever try not to let it effect you. But do notice if it is true. Are you being rude? Are you wrong?

Now someone might lie and say something horrid but you have to learn to keep going. Because everyone is watching you. Everyone is judging you in a good or a bad way. Unlike Meghan Trainers song “dance like your daddy” everyone is watching you but it’s when you don’t care.

It’s when you feel so ok inside your own mind that you don’t care if they stare you just keep going

So instead of no judgement maybe we need to be ok with the judgement but judge when you Should take judgement to heart and when not to.

So judging by the facts you know sometimes is ok other times people are just rude

Shayweasel is judging you

It’s easier

I don’t always know how to start. Like what do others want to hear about me? Am I talking to much? And r asking to many questions?

Should I be quite? Do I need to leave them alone? Do they want to know more about me? Or am I explaining to much?

I’ve never been good when it came to things like that. I love to get to know people. To talk to people to be funny and sweet or sassy and smart whatever it maybe I’m not always sure if I’m acting ok or not

Am I rude? So I just keep trying. I don’t like weird awkward silence it makes me talk more way more. It gets weird and then I just talk fast about nothing anyone cares about.

The way my brain works confuses even me so when. It confuses other I want them to know I’m right there with you.

So sometimes it’s a simple question other times the someone question has an insanely long answer because a question like “why do you have a feeding tube?” Can’t be a simple answer.

Like oh I have a feeding tube because my stomach and most of my small intestine are paralyzed but also my eosinophils are attacking my entire digestive system but also I’m allergic to over 200 different foods and it makes it hard for me to find and be able to eat foods that won’t make me sick.

So sometimes the simple question is hardest to answer.

Like I live near the beach and it’s gorgeous! I do feel lucky to be able to have a place I can go to that is free and doesn’t cause me allergic reaction and I don’t have to be around people really there is pretty much always a beach we can go to without many people.

So how am I? Is a long answer to a quick question I don’t know how to answer sometimes.

I’m blessed to be alive to have the ability to go to the beach to go and leave the house to do what I can even if my daily life makes me need to spend hours doing things for my health.

A few weeks ago On a Tuesday I learned that my neuro doctor is retiring. in the same week on Thursday I learned my heart doctor was going to be leaving to help open a heart center about 8-10 hours away from here.

Things like that should totally and utterly stress me out but for some reason this time. They aren’t instead it made me laugh.

Because what our the chances of learning two of your main doctors are leaving in the same week? They are small but they are ok! I’m blessed and so thankful for the life I lead.

It isn’t easy but I wouldn’t trade it

So whatever you learn remember to find someone to talk to about it. Like my sister savannah once asked my papa “I know you stopped listening but is it ok if I keep talking?”

Shayweasel is going to talk way to much someone!

It’s been a while

When I think about something Normally I can be lost in my own head for a good while. This past year has been weird and I don’t know how to explain if. But I haven’t wrote a blog post in over a year but the thing is. I don’t know what to say.

My life has always been weird. And this past year was weird for the world but it was hard to handle in weird ways for me. It’s like for the first time everyone was going through what they thought my life was like daily.

In the sense of not leaving the house or anything but what I wanted them to know is that when I don’t go anywhere for months. Other people in the world are normally not in the same boat.

I think in life we get mad when people don’t understand what it’s like for us. But I think what’s upsetting to me is when people don’t want to know what it’s like.

I never understood when people said they didn’t know something about their best friends or their family members because for me I’m gonna ask you 3000 questions within the next few mInutes and I’m normally annoying enough to get them to answer it.

I want to know how others are. I want to know what it’s like to live in like the “real world” persay but I don’t know why others don’t want to know.

I remember like everything and it’s annoying. The other day I was telling someone how I remember what someone’s favorite drink was and I don’t even know the person well I didn’t even talk that much to them but I remember that’s my brain for you.

This past year has just been weird for everyone.

So welcome to shayweasel I’m sorry if I ask or talk or ask to many questions your gonna just have to get over it

So here is a bunch of random photos of the past year!

Also this was a weird blog post that really didn’t make much sense welcome to my brain no one wants to be here!!!

So I’ve been hanging out with cute tiny humans over facetime

Mainly but I did get to see a few in person! Yay! And I’ve been crocheting and doing crafts I have been making bows lately! I put them on esty! Mainly so I didn’t feel weird if I made 100 more bows. I’d be like yea I’m selling them! Haha!

Here is the link for that – https://www.etsy.com/shop/ShayWeasel

So welcome to shayweasel I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m doing better then I thought I would be so far I haven’t set everything on fire! That’s normally a good sign!

Shayweasel out!

Are you a their friend or a there friend?

AnnaJoh and Me

Friendship has always been important to me. Majorly important! I have always seen my relationship with God as a friendship so in my mind I always thought friendships with anyone was the most important relationship someone can have.

Now I’m not saying relationship of the romantic type or relationship with family isn’t important because friendship with your family and spouse is possible. And a lot of time that’s how it is. Some of my family and extended family are my best friends!

But no I’m saying friendships in my mind how I see them is a relationship that you don’t have to be in you don’t get anything physical per-say. Friendships are sometimes harder to lose then anything else. When you are a friend you have to understand how important that friend is and how much you want them to know that you care.

My Aunt Helen and me

Some people are a there friend. a friend who is only really your friend when they are physically with you. When they either don’t really make to much time for you. They don’t go out of their way to hang out but when they are with you at that moment they are a good friend. But as soon as y’all are apart they don’t ask how you are or they don’t text or call you they don’t really want to hang out unless you ask them. They don’t go out of their way to be friends unless they don’t have plans or there isn’t much to do or if they just want something from you.

That’s a there friends. When they are there they are awesome when they aren’t they don’t really care.

Dara and me

I have a lot of experience with having friends who are there friends. I was always the one doing the work of having friendships. I was the one who called. The one who asked how they were. The one who was worried about them. And want them to know I was there.

But they didn’t want to be there back. The work is one sided. A lot of time. And truly most of the time a there friend doesn’t know they are one. Sometimes when you don’t have to do any of the work you don’t try as hard. You know that person will forgive you. So why try? It won’t matter anyway? And sometimes the there friend is just busy. Just not paying attention. Or they are going though something. Something they don’t want to talk about.

Sometimes they aren’t trying to be either type of friend. Some people go back and fourth with being a their friend and a there friend.

Now then you have a their friend. This is the friendship when it’s both people being friends. Them working with you. These are the friends who you can call when your mad and they will be upset with you. These are the ones who I call them and they call you. Where they text you friends and you text them first sometimes and other times they text you first. The ones who writing them calling them laughing with them is easy. It’s comfort. These are the ones who support you.

These are the friendships people should always be lucky to have!!

And that not everyone gets.

I’m one of the lucky few. But most of my friends don’t live near me. Our friendship is solely based online or on the phone or threw letters and things through the mail.

Rory and me

In someways moving far away from my best friends as a child helped me became a better friend! Because I learned quickly how to be a friend from really far away.

I was pen pals with my friend AnnaJoh! Who even after not seeing each other for 12 years asked me to be in her wedding and when we saw each other it wasn’t awkward it was pure “bliss” [side note AnnaJohs last name now that she is married is ‘bliss’ ]

I had friends I knew who were from or lived all over the world. I had friends in places like France, Africa, New Zealand, Hawaii , China, Korea and more

Jazzy, Rory and me!

And because of that as I aged and didn’t have friends near by I was ok with having friends far away.

So When I started getting worse health wise I started having friends I met online more and a few of them I still haven’t met in person yet! But they are some of my best friends I’ve ever known.

Their friends are the ones who call when they haven’t heard from you. The ones who text your phone when your in a coma because they know you will wake up. And they want to make sure you know how hard it was to not be able to talk to them.

The ones who call or write your family or other people when you aren’t responding to make sure you are ok. Who send you weird things by text mail or social media without fear of judgement or worry. Who know how hard it is to get sad news and they know just how to cheer you up.

I haven’t got to meet Macy and Addie in person we’ve been friends for over five years!

They are the ones who care. And you pray you’ll never lose them. Because I’m lucky to be their friend! You are lucky if you have their friends because you can either be a there friend or you can be a their friend! And sometimes you can start off as one and switch to the other. And the ones who switch from a their friend to a there friend those are the ones who hurt the most sometimes.

A there friend has the power to make someone feel like the worst person in the world. Like nothing they do can make a friendship better. They have a scary power.

But a their friend they have the power to make someone laugh at inappropriate times. To smile when they are dying. To be kind. To show grace. To became a better person. To be scared but yet feel calm. To feel loved. To feel like you matter. That your a good beautiful person. A their friend is a beautifully wonderful love.

JoJo and me

A Their friend is important because their stronger together. Their making each other better. Their working to help and not hurt. Their friends run around a store with you when you’re acting insanely weird but they join you instead of making fun of you. Their friends are good together.

So are you a there friend? Or a their friend?

Try to make sure you know the power you hold. Because you have power no matter what..

Shayweasel is trying to always be a their friend…

My friends might be weird but that’s what I love about them!

Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle

Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle Went to heaven!! She was a beautifully fabulous dog! I loved her sassiness and weirdness her strange habit of barking or growling while we would pray which became more funny then annoying. I loved that she loved my papa more then anyone else but that she wanted me there but she wanted to cuddle with her papa! But she always wanted to sleep and cuddle with me every night! She loved when we were all together sitting down in the same room when one of us was gone she was waiting for the them to return. Looking out the window any time she heard anything! She would go and bark at the door like she was so angry and happy all At one e for you to be home!! Like she missed us even if we were barely gone a minute! She loved people and had people she really really loved!! She loved being a service dog and she loved any time she got to go see the guys in the addiction rehab here in Beaufort!

Ok so how did we get Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle?

Ok so Noodles was hit by a car badly the lady was driving a Kia car didn’t see Noodles in time to stop. The lady took her to the vet after walking up and down the road she was on asking anyone if this was there dog. Which none of them claimed that she was theirs or they even knew her. She was injured badly. she had 6 surgeries. Two hip surgeries on both her back hips she had surgery on her jaw she had surgery on one of her back legs and a few others.

my mom went to the vet she was told did rescues for dogs and cats she told them that we were looking for a small dog I could pick up and one who was good with children and people. About 2 months later we got a call about meeting a small dog. amazingly Rory just happened to be with us for a few days on the day they said we would meet the dog. They had been calling her poodle or doodle and some where calling her Kia because she was hit by a Kia which we thought was slightly mean… (“funny but wrong!”) when they brought the dog into the room she right away was in love with Rory and the rest of us! Rory Declared that this was the dog we were getting and her name was “Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle” we took noodles home five days later as she was still under watch from her surgeries and we couldn’t take her just then. With in a week and a half of getting Noodles and my parents putting her on my chest or lap every time I had a seizure or an anaphylaxis she started alerting to them before they happened.

During the year we got her I had a feeding tube placed and My VNS put in. As I became more stable but yet still having trouble taking full care of her my papa became her favorite human she loved her papa she was always wanting to be with him. As I became even more stable noodle became a service dog to each of us in different ways. Noodles would do this weird thing of sitting with my papa and then randomly come over to me and alert me when I either took meds or did my magnet for my seizures she would leave and go back to my papa to cuddle!

Noodles was always excited when we came home from anywhere. Every time we would come home she would first go to me smell me and kiss me then she would go see my papa. I always compared it to the way a child is always excited to see there working dad or mom or when a grandparent comes to visit and the child wants to stay and be with their grandparents but at the same time they dont want to be away from their mom. I was noodle doodles mom! She was my baby. And she wanted me here but she wants to cuddle with her papa!

During the aftermath of hurricane Florence in 2018 Noodles stayed with they guys at one of the houses at loafs and fishes addiction rehabilitation center. Which if you didn’t know is where my parents teach and work and do all kinds of things for and with. It’s a live in recovery center in which the guys come from all over go help to learn how to live a sober life. So anyway one of the houses they have noodles got to stay there! And oh my goodness did she love the spoiled life she had there! They all loved her! And she slept with pretty much everyone who lived that as we like to joke about and say “she was sleeping around a lot! Different guy every night!” And our other joke was “Noodles was barking to much we had to send her to rehab!” And if we ever had to leave her there again we said she had to go back to rehab! We think we are funny!

All of the people who met noodles loved

her. But how could you not? She was funny sweet cute and loving. She was always there and always so thoughtful.

She knew my papa loved her. Every morning when she heard him up she ran up the stairs as fast as she could to go and greet him! My papa being the silly man he is sang to Noodles on a daily sometimes hourly basis! He would make up weird songs about being a dog or wanting to be a cat instead of a dog and he said that Tuesday was pull tail Tuesday…. now Noodles had to have most of her tail cut off after she got hit by the Kia so her tail was just a fluffy ball that Rory called “a Pom Pom tail” because it was just fluffy! So m towpath liked to act like he was pulling her tail! (He never really “pulled” her tail it was just a cute thing they did together) And she loved it. She loved my papa. She loved his weirdness but we all love his weirdness!

Noodles didn’t like riding in the car which is understandable but she got worse about riding in the car after we took her on a trip with us to Texas she was like 28 hours in the car straight isn’t ok with me whatsoever! So after that she didn’t ride in the car much. We believe she didn’t

Like the car because she had been hit by the Kia so she was nervous about being in the car.

Noodles loved ice cream and whipped cream from Starbucks and she loved to be annoying when she needed something. She was smarter then most people I know! I know a lot of really smart people!!

Noodles did like going to the hospital with us!! Mainly because everyone loved her so she loved all the attention she got! One time when I was at the infusion clinic (Raab clinic/cancer center/hospital they have lots of names these places) I had gotten my dressing changed and was about ready to go when I had a seizure. Noodle barked loudly right before hand. And she was on my chest and then I had a seizure. When I came out of the seizure noodles was not happy that the doctor wanted to move her and my papa was telling the dog We shouldn’t move her yet she doesn’t like that Shannon isn’t feeling better yet. The doctor didn’t understand why noodles wanted to still stay on me until he tried to move her and I freaked out. I didn’t tell Noodles I was upset I didn’t show it but when I come out of seizures especially before I got my VNS I have all the people look at me and that something happened that I couldn’t control she knew that. We didn’t teach her that she just knew it!

Noodles did like going to the hospital with us!! Mainly because everyone loved her so she loved all the attention she got! One time when I was at the infusion clinic (Raab clinic/cancer center/hospital they have lots of names these places) I had gotten my dressing changed and was about ready to go when I had a seizure. Noodle barked loudly right before hand. And she was on my chest and then I had a seizure. When I came out of the seizure noodles was not happy that the doctor wanted to move her and my papa was telling the dog We shouldn’t move her yet she doesn’t like that Shannon isn’t feeling better yet. The doctor didn’t understand why noodles wanted to still stay on me until he tried to move her and I freaked out. I didn’t tell Noodles I was upset I didn’t show it but when I come out of seizures especially before I got my VNS I have all the people look at me and that something happened that I couldn’t control she knew that. We didn’t teach her that she just knew it!

She loved to randomly bark whenever we prayed!

Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle was aamazing she was the best friend to so many without even having to do much. She knew who didn’t feel good she knew who wasn’t happy who wasn’t ok. She knew and she always helped. Noodles is in heaven I imagine her being confused of why Beng my last dog hasn’t moved out of the sun since she’s been there! Beng was the laziest dog I’ve ever met. So I imagine heaven is him laying in the sun and not doing much! I imagine to noodles finding the love ones up there the ones I miss!

Noodles is my baby! One day I truly believe I will be with her again!! And for now she is with me in my heart mind and the weird things that still smell like her!

My noodle doodle is in heaven now she is safe she is free from pain! We went into thinking we were rescuing Noodles but she rescued us and we both needed each other! Almost 3 years ago I met my Noodle Doodle the tiny poodle and I’m so thankful for her!

Shayweasel out… most likely out missing noodles but smiling because I got to have Noodle even if it wasn’t forever I had her. She was real. She is real. She was a rescuer!