I hope your not the first in line

You don’t want to go to the ER in general. You don’t want to be here. But somehow you ended up here.

There are a bunch of people in the waiting room. All waiting for help. I’m just the one sitting off to the side.

An elderly lady checks in and sits in the waiting room chair. And within five minutes she’s taken back. And sadly I know a lot abii ok it that.

I almost feel guilty that I’m so glad I’m not the first in line. I’m glad I’m just here for something simple. Here for something fast. I’m so glad they know how to act so fast.

When your the first in line. In the er it doesn’t mean they like you more. It’s not a privilege to go that fast. It’s a burden and a scary act.

It means your not doing good. That somethings really wrong it means that you need help bad. Right now. I’m not the first in line because I’m not doing bad.

I’ve been brought into the ER like that. I’ve seen them work real fast. I’ve been scared and quiet. Praying for this to be all right.

So go that little old lady I pray whoever brought you is fixed or at least they help you some how.

You might never get better or maybe it’s not like that. I just hope you don’t feel bad. That you went back before everyone else has.

And to the other people the one who has been mean. The ones who see this and almost show jealous I hope they find out why they should be glad. That they aren’t the first in line.

Shayweasel is glad to not be first

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