Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle

A few years ago myself and my parents decided to start looking for a dog.

I use to work with a lady who trained service dogs for part of her living. She taught me how to do it.

My first dog I tained for myself was named Beng! At the time I wasn’t really training him to be a service dog but slowly I learned he knew my body and my brain somewhat better then I did. Now beng was as lazy as can be. He died in 2014 it was bad. It was painfully obvious I missed him! But the love I felt from him was what I needed.

So back to now, Austin vet in Beaufort NC had someone bring in a dog who had been hit by a Kia car and had a broken hip, broken tail, a partial broken jaw. They did countless surgeries on the dog and had put out fliers and post on the internet to find the dogs owners. No one said anything. No one claimed the dog.

My mom had heard Austin vet did dog rescues. So she went there and talked to them. Telling them we wanted a dog I could pick up. And that was great with children and wasn’t to hyper.

Well 2 months later they called my mom and asked if we wanted to meet the dog before we thought about adopting the dog.

My niece Rory who was 5 at the time just happened to be with us for the week came with us to meet the dog.

When we got in there they brought her in and she was so sweet right away she wanted to be held and wanted to cuddle And play.

They told us that she didn’t really have a name some were calling her “Kia” because that’s what kind of car she was hit by.. some were calling her poodle because they hadn’t had a poodle there for a really long time. Others were calling her doodle.

We sat there with the little dog when Rory declared the dogs name was “Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle!” Now if you know Rory you know to never say no to her! So that was her name!!

A few days later we brought her home! Because of her surgeries she couldn’t jump and she couldn’t walk to well. We had decided because of all of it that when we went places she could just sit in my lap while I was in my wheelchair. And even now if I use my wheelchair she wants in my lap.

We started training Noodle from the time we got her. When I would have a seizure my parents would pick her up and put her with me. And tell her to stay. If I was having an allergic reaction we did the same.

After a while she started alerting. She knew the seizure was coming she’d start barking or she’d jump in my lap and lick me till I did something.

She was amazing!! She still is!! Noodles can tell you I’m having a seizure even better now! It’s weird being licked to let you know that your not ok!

When I had my VNS placed I stopped having as many seizures due to the fact my VNS was slowly or stopping seizures. So her job became less.

She still does her job! My papa through is the little noodles fav! And my papa loves her!!! He has a joke that on Tuesday it’s “pull tail Tuesday!” I’m being serious and don’t worry he doesn’t pull the dogs tail not really anyway my papa loves the dog more then any other dog we have ever had! It’s amazingly adorable!

Noodles is amazing and I love her more every day!

Noodles favorite

Food: granola, blue bell ice cream, meat of any kind, cinnamon rice Chexs, Greenies dog treats or as we call them “greeners”

Toy: a dog that my best friend Macy got me that looks like my old dog Beng. I believe she is trying to say this dog can’t take my place since it’s her favorite toy!

Things: her favorite blanket right now is a blanket my friend Jazz got me that has coraline on it. She loves heating pads and steals one as soon as she can!

She loves listening to my papa sing to her.

Hates: car rides, car rides, she really hates car rides,

My service dog is amazingly cute and fluffy! I love noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle!