How you Stand up makes the difference

You can beleive whatever you want. God has given us free will. You can stand up (metaphorically because some can’t physically stand if you know what I mean anyway..) it’s not just standing up for what you beleive in. No.

It’s about how you stand up. It’s better to understand both sides and be kind to both sides. But sometimes there are millions of sides. But that’s ok but sometimes not standing up isn’t an option (from here on out just know I’m still talking metaphorically because not all people can ya know physically stand up…)

Say you beleive pet stores are horrid and you decide to chain your self to the store or to stand outside with signs telling everyone how horrid they are for walking in. Or you decide to set it on fire or steal everything inside.. Its not very effective.

But if you stand outside and talk to people. Tell them information about why you hate pet stores. It might make a difference but it makes less of a scene but sometimes that’s ok. Sometimes there is no right way to stand up.

When you stand up and end up hurting people physically, like shooting them in the streets. It doesn’t matter what your standing up for. your now making whatever you are standing up for look bad.

Emotions are important But you can’t let the emotions control you. You have to think logically before you just start screaming and going after whatever it is that your standing up for.

If you are against hate. You can’t hate the people who are for hate… because when you do that… you actually are just doing what they are doing Your hating.

You can’t knock someone down and then be mad that they knocked someone down on the way to stand back up.

You have to stand up in the right way. Ask yourself sometimes am I standing up or am I just making a scene?

You can make a scene but it might not change a thing.

Nothing but the Lord is set in stone! You have to learn to understand laws can change good bad or weird ways. Things change. Life changes.

What someone did a 100 years ago that we might think is horridly the worst thing ever. That in a 100 years someone might think that way about us

Life is hard to understand. Sometimes when you knock someone down you need to be the one to help them back up. You don’t have to scream at someone. You don’t have to go and set things on fire.

You don’t have to go erase history to say how horrid people in the past were. Or whatever it is. Because you can’t have it both ways. You need to know history is there and learn from the horrid things and acts people might have done. And learn from it. Learn.

Whenever you look at history and only look at the bad things they did the horrid ways they acted. You are going to keep looking at the bad.

Now I’m not saying that you should be fine with all the bad. And over look it all. No I’m saying that you have to think of the millions people including yourself and the horrid things you’ve said and done. The secrets the lies. And the trends you have followed in.

The things you’ve done because you thought that was the way it was suppose to be. Sometimes you aren’t breaking the rules you just didn’t know the rules in the first place.

Standing up for what you beleive in is important but how you choose to stand up for it now that that is more important. And that’s harder.

Sometimes you just gotta ask God where to stand how to stand and why you need to stand before you even try to stand up.

Shayweasel is confusing

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