All that Jazz… 

Our feet can barely hold us… But the will to live the hope to survive is strong…

  We are stronger then we come accross. We face difficulty everyday. We don’t get to take vacations from our body, we don’t get breaks.  

  We keep moving forward and we learn to adapt in everyday life. We make changes. We make do. Because well we have too. We didn’t choose the default of our bodies. Jazz didn’t choose to grow extra bone, be in pain every day..

   It’s not easy standing let alone walking through the sand.. We hold our head high but we can’t turn side to side…

  Wheelchairs, feeding tubes shots and epipens our day to day life is different.. 

    We learn to ask for help. We learn to cry and scream. We learn to be brace and to keep going. It isn’t easy. But we make it look so sometimes. 

   Friends like Jazz Don’t come along often so when they do you hold on for dear life but there is something different about a friendship like ours… 

  We both are holding on for dear life, for the chance to keep living and Jazzy makes living easier, living with pain isn’t always so hard… Living and feeling like someone is always there because they are. 

  I don’t have to go through this world of diagnoses health and I don’t have to go through life alone… One moment everyday I get to see Jazz be brave, strong and inspire myself and many others to wake up and keep going…
   We are a whole salad bowl of awesomeness… 


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