Some people told me they wished I talked about other things besides my illnesses on my blog so this blog is for those people.. Enjoy

I hate cockroaches. They are so nasty and I hate people telling me what to do….

I’m not good at sports… Mainly because I really don’t like care at all. I don’t care if I win or lose. Part of this is just me the other is because playing board games with older siblings never went well…

I don’t like spiders in my bed. I’d listen to music all day if I had nothing to do. I read a lot…

I really hate cockroaches and lately I keep seeing them and I’m not okay with this.

I don’t like some people when they act like I’m not suppose to be able to speak freely.

I think I’m a pretty awesome
Person till someone is mean to me then I forget every nice thing anyone else ever said.

I was chased by a dog who wanted to lick me but I thought it was gonna kill me. And I think that was the only time I ran that far since forever.

When I played volleyball for a year (I’m not good at sports) I always got out of running by going to the restroom.

I hate cockroaches and people who tell me what is right with my life when they have no clue who I am.

This has been wesday the day where I weasel rant about what I feel and I feel like hitting someone… But writing is better.

Shayweas out

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