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I was trying to write a bio for this blog the other day, tell you who I am and what I like but I got lost in a deeper thought, who am I? What do I like? Not the basis of I like books but what do I like as a whole. (And the answer is books.) But there are others, I get lost when people ask me who I am? because I know who I am but I don’t always know how to tell others who I am, because there is a lot to a person.

So I did a lot of reading on other people’s blogs and saw what there bios read… And I ended up writing a bunch of weird things like this-

  I’m not married, I’m not a mother, I don’t like some things and I drank water today?

As you can see that helped no one.. I don’t know how to tell people about me because I know myself too well. I’m too close to what I’m writing. So I step back and saw myself from someone else and that was a fail, a very bad fail.

  So I thought of things about me like my favourite colours or what I enjoyed to watch on tv and what movies I enjoy what books I like… And everything seemed to come up strangely.


I went deeper and when I came up for air I knew that maybe I’m just not good at writing bios, so stick around as this is now my bio… Deal with it..  If you want to know more ask, if you want to know me read my blog.. You’ll learn a lot… I am Shannon DeRose welcome to just like a continuous stream of consciousness


Also this is my bio from the third person…

Shannon DeRose is an aunt, Photographer, daughter, tv watched, movie buff, tiny poodle owner, and blogger, she enjoys writing books, poems, and is passionate about inspiring others to love the differences we all have as humans, for her these difference she is thankful for! She wants people to face life’s problems with humor and joy and find the good in everything.

now for a little bit about me I was born on May 22,1992 I’m the youngest of five children. I was born in Texas and moved a lot growing up, my papa has been working in ministry since before I was born, my mom stayed home and homeschooled me and my four siblings.

As a child, I had a lot of health problems and I was hyper and had trouble with school. I was 7 years old when my parents took me to the Schotish Rite’s hospital to get tested and see if I did have a learning difference. After the test I was diagnosed with developmental dyslexia, and autism, They told my parents I was never going to read or write, I was going to have social problems. my mom was and is the  best teacher I could have ever hoped for. I was 12 years old when I wrote my name and read a book. Up till then I couldn’t do either. But when it clicked in my head it was amazing.

I found the love of reading books and I found a love I had of writing. I hope to one be able to go into a bookstore and see a book I wrote on the shelf. Since I was little I always told people I want to build a school for people like me who don’t learn the same.

When I was 18 years old, I went and took some classes at a college my sisters Vana and Sam went. I didn’t do well in my classes it was a very hard struggle, In march of 2011 my papa went into cardiac aresst, he had to be brought back to life twice that night. They found out my papa had a mass in his lung. Around the time I was born my papa was aseptes and they told us then he had 5 good years left and then he would pass. But he didn’t pass. Its coming up on 9 years now, his health still isn’t good. But I’m glad he is here.

The next year was very hard on my family. I struggled a lot with my health and with my mental health. I didn’t make friends well and people didn’t seem to want to talk or be my friend. I moved out of my parents house and went to live with my sister Stephie Her boyfriend Nick and their daughter Rory, It was what I needed at that time.

After working with my parents at the baptist children’s homes of North Carolina for a few years I ended up moving back to Virginia Beach to live with my wonderful sister Stephie and my beautifully fabulous niece Rory!!!!

I started going down hill very fast with my health I had two surgeries in 2014 and in 2015 was where evyerthing sorta changed for me. I was becoming very sick, my papa had a heart attack that year and had to have open heart surgery and some other things done. I had moved in with my sister again. I become amazingly close with my niece Rory and I started sharing my story on this blog. I have met amazing people and this blog has blessed me and I feel so blessed to be able to say I have the best support system ever.

On june 29th 2015 I started to have a seizure and that seizure went on for 7 1/2 hours I was put on life support and put into a medical induced coma for five days. I woke up confused and out of it. I had a stroke during the 7 hours seizure, I was put into 4 more medical induced coma. I was diagnosed with a lot of diseases and told a heart defect I have was possibly going to kill me.

I have been on feeding tubes, oxygen, life support, I have a disease that makes me allergic to most everything.

I love watching tv and listening to music I love being my self laughing and being weird. I never knew my life could be this full when you are behind a medical mask to keep me say. I’m blessed to have the life I have. I have an amazing family.

I’m not sure how earth I got so blessed by the family and friends that I have now.

I love walking dead, doing crafts, knitting. Watching so much TV I’ll give you a favorites post soon…

In September of 2016 I moved to a place on the coast with my parents and have been here since. I love blogging, I love having outlets like this because you never are truly sure what someone is going through till someone explains, so I’m here to explain..


Im shayweasel! I have a beautifully fabulous tiny Poodle named Noodle Doodle the Tiny Poodle.. my niece Rory named her!!

My life is unusual and it’s wonderful! My parents teach classes and do bible studies for an addiction recovery program! My parents have worked In the Ministry basically all my life in one way or another!and I know it’s not stopping anytime soon! 

I enjoy the life I lead! I enjoy going to church, going to see friends, spending time with friends family and the beautiful people God has placed in my life! I feel honored to have this life!

My body requires me to have a G tube feeding tube (directed tube into my stomach) and a J tube (feeding tude directed tube to my small intestines.) it requires a Hickman (a long term IV located in my chest.) a VNS (Vagus nerve stimulator which is basically a pacemaker for your brain.) and it requires a lot of prayer! A lot of doctors! A lot of nurses and medical people to help keep my body going! It requires my friends my family my adorable service Noodle Doodle the tiny Poodle! 

My life is beautiful because God made it so! Welcome to Shayweasel if you have questions ask them I’m always open for questions!

Keep joy! Keep it!

Shayweasel is who

4 thoughts on “Who?

  1. I’d love to have a 2am can’t sleep and bored convo with you. I have Crohn’s…and a ton more and I’m really frustrated. I haven’t been able to eat for about 8 weeks. My body’s fine with liquids, not happy with solids, and I’m mad at my body…and really mad at a few doctors. Let me know if you’d ever like to chat!
    Another Spoonie

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    • I have found that looking up the hashtag spoonies has been really helpful. Instagram is a great place for that. I know I watch for blogs and the mighty website is fantastically. for it as well.. I hope that was helpful If you have more questions just ask!!


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