Food Allergies Awareness Week: They can suck..


Food Allergies, are a strange thing, they basically are like your body getting angry for having food…

My body I’ve learned over time really dislikes lots of foods, I am a Foodie, and I love Shady foods like flowers to eat or put in tea, oh my goodness do I love tea!! Tea is one of my favourite things that ever happened to the drink world. I love making hot tea, Its so wonderful.

This week is Food Allergies Awareness Week, I want to make a point for you to understand what its like to live with a food allergies.


First off, I know everything that goes into my body, I know every ingredient that I read, I can tell you way more about reading labels then I can about like half the world. I know what to look for. I can also tell you what will be in something, like you pick up say some ice cream I could tell you it has corn syrup, things along those lines.

Foods like corn, wheat, soy, cover about 75% of all processed food, add in rice, potato, barley, rye, nuts and seeds, you have a lot of food you can’t have. Its hard going to the store and going what can I have?

One as you might know is I can have is oatmeal!! so thankful for oatmeal. I’m strangely not allergic to milk or eggs, its the only top 8 allergens in america I am not allergic to. Goal for sure. I don’t like having food allergies but I’m ok with it.

I’ve come to really enjoy the weird things I can have. I also feel like I always know what is in my food, I like that.

At first it’s so hard, you aren’t use to having to ask questions or read labels I found out right before christmas when I was 17 years old, its a strange new world. I took a deep breath because this vegan chick at the time who I was… Didn’t know what to eat or drink or how to live. It was really hard but after a while I got use to reading labels it became just something I did.

I’m not afraid to ask questions. When I go out to eat I know places that I can ask questions like Red Robin and Applebees are always so helpful and they don’t seem to get annoyed when I ask so many questions, but you learn to adapt to it. Its sorta nice to say the least.


I don’t personally put anything in my mouth without knowing everything that’s in it. I have had a few scares, they are going to happen. One day I had a turkey burger and went into anaphylaxis and then when the ambulance came I was awake I was talking and then the Epi wore off and I went into anaphylactic shock, I passed out and woke up at the hospital, I was given three that night, from a turkey burger I made at home but we don’t know what it was. I haven’t eaten turkey since because of it.

Food allergies are scary but they are manageable, they are something you can live with. You just have to get use to it.

Personally I’m kind of thankful for my food allergies, I was one night looking on Instagram under the hashtag #cornallergy and I came across someone who had baby food, I wrote on there saying that is my favourite kind of baby food which I was on at the time a baby food diet that was.

This girl wrote back and said it’s so good, we went on and then I reached out and wrote her on Instagram in a direct message, we started talking and then after a while of talking I gave her my phone number and we’ve talked daily since.

We talk about things that are annoying about having food allergies and other health problems that we both have. We talk about life. We talk about everything. We also make the most fantastic snapchats..

Its something about living when you know that your body fights things. That changes the world you have. I love my body I love the different things that happen with it.

I mean I still get annoyed with it but I love it.

Okay so all that to say that food allergies are insane, food allergies are hard but the best thing you can do is accept them. Don’t be afraid to ask questions don’t be afraid to reach out to others because you never know.


So this has been Shay-De Foodie Friday! Talking about food allergies, Come back on Sundays for randomness and Wednesdays for Wesday the day where I rant about whatever I please.


Remember this as you leave food allergies aren’t the end of the world they are just the end of eating that food and that’s okay. You can do this. I have faith in you.

Shayweasel Out!!


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