Emotions are insane, if you think deeply about them… I mean the fact that we can feel emotions is insane, like we can feel happy, sad, thoughtful, weird, strange, in love, we can have emotions like anger that can take you over, and you can have emotions like lust that can make you do insane things.

Let emotions be felt, because they need to be felt. You need to let emotions live out in a world of happiness even if the emotion isn’t happiness.

Life should never be one emotion, you might want emotion to be happy but life isn’t one emotion, life is ten emotions, life is different every moment of the day, life is emotion, emotion is important, life is amazing when you let yourself be okay sometimes but also let yourself live all the time.

Don’t sit and watch your life go past you, do something everyday to smile, laugh everyday, make things be emotion filled, but make sure it isn’t one emotion.

Let emotions be emotions. Let them be felt, let them be heard, emotions are amazing, emotions make the whole a more amazing place to live.

Be emotionally. Let yourself cry, smile, feel joy, feel sad, feel good, feel weird, feel the unknown, feel fearfully, have emotions.

Life is hard, but good, but horrible too. And if you push back emotions like sadness and anger you won’t be able to live life because life is meant to be felt. And pain is a part of life, so let emotions out and be emotinally amazing. Let the world know you will live in this world, because you are a good person, you are a good life to be lived and you are a good soul if you let yourself be. Be emotional.. And be fantastically…

This has been Little Wise One Mondays…


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