We.. Might… We.. Are..


We might not live it up, we might not own the night, we might sit on sofas unable to do much, we might live in pain till the end of time. We might be the ones to wear mask out in public, we might be… We might be….

We one thing’s for sure… We are fantastic… We are strong…


We might not find a cure, we might be in pain daily, we might be amazing, we might be ill till we can barely go on.. But we go on..

We might be spoonies who’ve run out of spoons. We might be awesome, we might be sick but one thing’s for sure we are fantastic. We are strong…

We are netflix all day watchers, we are barely moving for hours, we are pain takers, and vomit makers.. We are pill takers and feeding tube wears with style I might add. We are breathing treatment and vest takers and we are dealing with pain and cleaning up vomit. We are picc line and port and hickline wears that save our lives, We are epipen and auviQ users. We are leg and arm braces wearers and wheelchair users and We are service dog owners and we are fantastic

We might fight life hell for treatment, we might not find a cure, but will fight for treatment. We might point out things wrong on Grey’s Anatomy and we might can name every med in the book

We are chronically in pain, suffering and sick as can be. We might almost die on a yearly basis and we might have good days.


But we all dream.. Of a day with treatment, cures, a day without pain, without suffering but we do dream. We dream of health… A good health…

We might be sick, we might be ill, we might be happy, we might be funny, we might be fabulous, we might be amazingly fantastic. But we are strong. We will be strong daily.

  We are fighters… Fighting our bodies…


Shayweasel out.. 

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