Horror movies reviews

  If you know me you know I love horror movies! And Books! I watch a lot of movies and my favorite thing is watching other people watch movies! (Kelsey will surely know this.. as I’ve made her watch a lot of movies since the first week me met!) 

 I have watched movies I’d say lately but really I watch them all the time…these are the movies that I have enjoyed and hated in a good way….

so here is a list! 

Ready or Not


Is a creepy but good movies! The plot is basically that after a couples wedding the grooms family has a tradition in which the new family member which in this case is the bride Grace that they must play a game. Which doesn’t seem that weird to her. Since this family has all kinds of games through out the basically Downton Abbey sized house! And so the game that’s chosen to play which is chosen by putting some weird cards in a box and then she has to pull the card out.  The card reads that they are gonna play hide and seek. 

From there the movie basically gets weirder and funnier! The movie is wonderful if you go into with the mind set of taking it as a horror movie you can laugh at and with the main character! It makes the movie so much better! 

I’d give it like 4 stars for the funniness and like 5 stars for the ending alone!

The hunt


This movie wasn’t like I thought it was gonna be at all. The movies plot is that their are these really rich people who play this game every year in which they get people and hunt them down. Basically hungry games with no winner. The movie is way more fast pace then I thought it’d be and it was way funnier then I thought. The movie ends weirdly but the movie is still worth watching! 

I’d give it like 3 stars for randomness/ fast-pace-ness and like 2 stars for the ending

The Grudge (u.s. version 2019)


Basically it’s a hunted sprit that follows you once you’ve entered their house. It wasn’t horrid but it was rather slow story. And ended weirdly upsetting. This movie is originally a movie made in Japan it’s been remade in the US a few times before this one. But the first remake in the US was really good. I feel like they almost wanted to try and be cool or something but I did find it creepy and there are moments you are waiting on the edge sorta feeling

I’d give it 3 stars for acting and 3 stars for cheepiness

Behind You


Basically there is a creepy ghost or sprig that enters though mirrors and you learn more as the movie goes. The movie was slightly hard to follow along and by the end I still wasn’t sure what happened but it wasn’t boring or anything just confusing. 

I’d give it 3 stars for the filming and acting alone and 2 stars for overall mainly for confusing story telling.

Jack in the Box


It’s basically what it sounds like there is this old Jake in the box found out in the woods. Jake the weird demon who lives in the box comes out and kills people. 

It’s put in a museum after someone else finds it at a sale or whatever. 

The acting is weird the story line is slow and you can pretty much guess what’s gonna happen. There are a few parts that were extremely scary! But they ended fast. 

The ending to this movie makes me grumpy! 

I’d give it 1 star for overall and -12 for ending.

The conjuring universe movies

So I along with my papa and Kelsey we watched all the conjuring universe movies. And I as a horror movie lover! I Have very much loved them. Each one is slightly different and each one is even cooler when you have watched the other ones. Mainly because you get to see how they all connect. Some you know before hand how they connect. Others you think you do. But you don’t.

  Some of the movies are super creepy. Some are just intense.

Annabelle comes home


This one is possibly the most fast paced on I. The series so far. This one takes place in the later 1970s and is after you’ve already met and know who and what Annabelle the creepy doll is. This is the Warrens after they have locked. Up Annabelle in there house. 

The plot is basically annabelle scary possessed doll is brought to the warrens house (who are real people with a real annabelle doll in real life the annabelle doll isn’t as creepy looking no it’s a ragging Annie doll. The warrens are paranormal detectives who have a room in there house they lock things that have been Possessed or have something paranormal about it. They keep them safe and a Priest comes in and blesses them and then puts holy water to make sure nothing gets out presay.) 

The warrens go out for the weekend and leave there daughter with a babysitter at the house. Some different things happen and the babysitters best friend shows up at the warrens house because she wants to see all the creepy things and for some other reason that are important but can be a spoiler if i told you. 

It gets a lot for being weirdly random and easy to understand! The acting is fantastic! The creep level is high!

So like a 5 stars for the creepy fast pace of it!!

HBOMax (also have rented it on amazon prime) 

Annabelle creation


This one is super creepy like crazily so! I loved it. Bring it all together with the Annabelle movies this one isn’t as fast paced as annabelle comes home. But it is steadily scarier in a different way. The movie has weird twist and turns in it. And the ending makes the movie ten times better.

This movie is basically about how annabelle the creepy doll that seems to enjoy scaring and killing people how it because so evil.  And what a better way to tell the story then to put a bunch of orphans with their nun

Or is basically their mom in a house in the middle of no where. It’s great. 

The movie did have flashing in it but it wasn’t horrid or anything. 

It keeps you focus on it that’s for sure.

I’d give it a 4 ½ stars out of 5 

HBOMax also on Amazon prime

Conjuring 3 – Devil made me do it


This movie in the conjuring universe is slower then most of them. But the creepiness and the overall feel is like the others. But for some reason it never picks up the pace a bunch like the others. The acting and story line it’s self are great. But it can be hard to figure out what’s happening sometimes. The movie had a lot more random flashiness in it. And it could be a reason why I didn’t like it as much. Because parts of the movie were just being explained to me by my papa while I tried not to look at the screen so that I didn’t possibly have a surgery while watching it. 

The ending is kinda weirdly cool and the camera shots are awesome! It’d give it a 3 ½ out of 5 stars!

I watched it on HBOmax

The Nun


Now this one fantastically fast pace without you almost noticing it. And when you see the over lap of how the other movies are that’s even better.

This one is about a nun and priest going to a monastery in Romania after a nun commits suicided to find the truth and help that the other nuns and priest might need.

The level of not knowing what’s happening is high. And super creepy because of the way the movie sounded I figured it’d be somewhat slow. But it wasn’t slow.

I’d give the nun 5 stars and maybe a few more stars and ice cream.

I brought it on Amazon prime

Conjuring 2


This movie is surprising. The acting in it is amazing and the way it’s shot is even more amazing! It’s creepy.

The storyline which is based on the true story is about a family in the UK who are suddenly being hunted after moving into a house. The Warrens who are the paranormal investigators come to check it out.

The movie is odd but creepy they do a good job with being surprising

I’d give it a 3 for jump scares but a 5 for acting! Over all I enjoyed it. It does have slightly more flashing ness then the others but the people I watched it with luckily didn’t mind explaining it to me

The Curse of La Llorona


Which is sorta part of the conjuring universe but it’s more of a let’s say nod to the conjuring universe. This movie is fabulous when it comes to fast paced and hilarious some of the lines are that totally made the movie better.

I don’t know why a few things happen in the movie while I was watching it but everything did come together at the end which made it better this movie was good!

This movie is about a social worker and her children. One day the social worker shows up at a house after having someone call her to check on a family she finds two children in a closet with candles and crosses all over and the door nailed shut. The mom keeps saying that they are being protected. And if she opens it they won’t be

The movie is fast and well written! I’d give it 4 stars and I’d give it 5 stars for the random lines in the movie!

The conjuring


This one gets me every time I watched it I forget things that happen this movie has some of the most amazing acting out of all of them with maybe a tie for this and the nun both of which is amazing acting wise!

Just like https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Amityville_Horror which is what this movie is based on the movie is about a family

Moving into a hunted house. It’s creepy crazy and amazing all at once! I love the way the movie was made. It felt realistic which Seems to make things always feel creepier it’s not over the top it is fabulous

I’d give it a 5 stars!

So if this Halloween week is here or anytimeOf

The year here are some weird horror movies to watch!

Shayweasel loves creepy!

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