“No judgement” is a two way street to judgement

Judgement can be foggy

I hear people say they wish that people wouldn’t judge others the problem with this kind of thinking is that you are right there judging them for judging others.

There can never be no judgement. Because judgement can be a good thing and a bad thing.

A judge doesn’t just convected people to jail they also prove innocence. I’m not saying that there is never a time someone was convicted of something they didn’t do no I’m saying that judgement is important

Good or bad it’s important. We use our judgement in all different ways. And everyday we judge who we believe are good or bad. So we can stay safe

We judge our parents, family friends random people we meet to make sure that we aren’t gonna get murdered. Yea normal things.

Judgement is weird without it things would be very bad with it things can still be very bad with them to.

I think that when you do get judged wrongly by someone you love hate or whoever try not to let it effect you. But do notice if it is true. Are you being rude? Are you wrong?

Now someone might lie and say something horrid but you have to learn to keep going. Because everyone is watching you. Everyone is judging you in a good or a bad way. Unlike Meghan Trainers song “dance like your daddy” everyone is watching you but it’s when you don’t care.

It’s when you feel so ok inside your own mind that you don’t care if they stare you just keep going

So instead of no judgement maybe we need to be ok with the judgement but judge when you Should take judgement to heart and when not to.

So judging by the facts you know sometimes is ok other times people are just rude

Shayweasel is judging you

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