Are you an apple or something else

So I like to start off with saying I am just saying

Have you ever watched a commercial for a Samsung phone or dell laptop you know how they compare them to the leading competitors?

They tell you how much better there products work then all those ridiculous others?

Have you ever seen a political commercial and they tell you how ridiculous and horrid the other is and tell you barely anything about what their plan is.

It’s like well my plan is to not be that guy but like no matter what you aren’t going to be them

You know how all they seem to do is put the other down.

Life is this way like how do you expect children, adults, anyone, and people to stop bullying each other if all they seem sometimes is how much better one thing is then the others? Like look How fabulous I am but they suck..

The world seems to love to point out all the bad all the mean and hurt.

Have you ever watched an iPhone commercial? How they show you their phone. Sometimes not even saying anything they show you how the camera works.

They tell you what the phone can do. It shows the moments you might miss without your phone. It’s different.

I’m not saying ones better then the other I’m saying that maybe the world would be kinder if instead of telling how much people suck that you instead just showed people what you could or watched what other people can do.

You don’t have to put others down for someone to love you to be friends with you you gotta show it and it’s easier when you aren’t trying to be better then someone else but instead being ok with however you are.

So are you an apple or something else?

Shayweasel out…

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