It’s easier

I don’t always know how to start. Like what do others want to hear about me? Am I talking to much? And r asking to many questions?

Should I be quite? Do I need to leave them alone? Do they want to know more about me? Or am I explaining to much?

I’ve never been good when it came to things like that. I love to get to know people. To talk to people to be funny and sweet or sassy and smart whatever it maybe I’m not always sure if I’m acting ok or not

Am I rude? So I just keep trying. I don’t like weird awkward silence it makes me talk more way more. It gets weird and then I just talk fast about nothing anyone cares about.

The way my brain works confuses even me so when. It confuses other I want them to know I’m right there with you.

So sometimes it’s a simple question other times the someone question has an insanely long answer because a question like “why do you have a feeding tube?” Can’t be a simple answer.

Like oh I have a feeding tube because my stomach and most of my small intestine are paralyzed but also my eosinophils are attacking my entire digestive system but also I’m allergic to over 200 different foods and it makes it hard for me to find and be able to eat foods that won’t make me sick.

So sometimes the simple question is hardest to answer.

Like I live near the beach and it’s gorgeous! I do feel lucky to be able to have a place I can go to that is free and doesn’t cause me allergic reaction and I don’t have to be around people really there is pretty much always a beach we can go to without many people.

So how am I? Is a long answer to a quick question I don’t know how to answer sometimes.

I’m blessed to be alive to have the ability to go to the beach to go and leave the house to do what I can even if my daily life makes me need to spend hours doing things for my health.

A few weeks ago On a Tuesday I learned that my neuro doctor is retiring. in the same week on Thursday I learned my heart doctor was going to be leaving to help open a heart center about 8-10 hours away from here.

Things like that should totally and utterly stress me out but for some reason this time. They aren’t instead it made me laugh.

Because what our the chances of learning two of your main doctors are leaving in the same week? They are small but they are ok! I’m blessed and so thankful for the life I lead.

It isn’t easy but I wouldn’t trade it

So whatever you learn remember to find someone to talk to about it. Like my sister savannah once asked my papa “I know you stopped listening but is it ok if I keep talking?”

Shayweasel is going to talk way to much someone!

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