To My Best Friend Aannajoh and Joe on there wedding Day





What your getting married!!! I’m proud of you for how you’ve held up your life, and I’m proud of you for showing Christ through your whole life and this Godly man seems pretty fantastic. Now I have yet to meet this awesome Man but I will be meeting him this friday.

I also will be seeing you for the first time in 12 years on Friday. I’m going to react some crazy way I’m sure and I’m totally ready.

Now I am totally not married but I want to tell you some weird wisdom from somehow who keeps almost dying. Life isn’t scary, neither is death. Just be ok. Accept everything about Joe, and remember to smile. Agree to disagree you don’t need to be perfect, you are wise you have the Lord on both your sides.

Do fight, do get upset be human, show emotion. Let emotion run through. Now as someone who loves very much I want to always be honest if you don’t like something even this post let the person know.

Don’t hide stuff, don’t blame stuff on anything, but do show emotion. Please show emotion, be happy sad scared angry and weird. Be a dork, be a weird, and totally freak people out.

I’m blessed to know you. I’m amazed by your kindness your strong loving blessing to me way about you. You are like a beautiful bible believing women who is doing great things. you’ve already changed the world by being you. So keep up the good work.

Talk things out, as a couple, as friends, and as a human. Let yourself always be friends with Joe, be a wife, and be yourself. You are no matter what a human a lovely human. So don’t stand in your own way of being anything you want to be.

Take each others gifts and showcase them. Care. Give. Hold. And pray. Pray a lot.

As you and Joe became one about a month ago, you both will stand together forever but you will also stand alone, lean on each other but still hold yourself up. So that if one of you needs to lean fully on the other person you still can.


I’ve never been married, so I truly don’t know but I have watched a lot of tv, so same thing……. Not at all..

I love you, I know you love Joe and he is seems to love you. I will stand (most likely will be the only one sitting on stage during it) but in sprit I will be with you no matter what. We had a friendship for 12 years were we didn’t see each other once. So remember that if something happens and somehow you and joe are apart remember its ok, you don’t have to break to heal. You don’t have to be face to face to show God’s grace. You are stronger then you will ever believe and together you guys could rule the world.

I mean I know maybe I sound cheesy but I’d rather let you know that today, tomorrow and whenever, things are going to be weird, confusing hard life is ok. Aannajoh, I’ve known you since you were five, I didn’t give up on your friendship then and I won’t now. I love you.


ShayWeasel (Shannon) with love…. And cookies!





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