Keep On… Keepin On…


 Having this blog is not just something I do as because I’m bored, I do it because I feel like writing is something I have to do. It’s like my thoughts demanded to be written, so I write, and I write. I love writing it’s what I’ve wanted to do since I was young, I thought about having my books on a shelf and taking a photo next to it. Seeing my name in a magazine and the biggest thing I have always wanted is to help people, understand people.

    I feel like strangely my passion is wanting to showcase someone’s life and to show them what it is like to be like someone else. I just want everyone to understand each other. It’s my goal in life I feel to help do that. Help show someone else’s point of view, to be able to be an understanding caring person. That’s my goal. I want to show people how fantastically and how horrid people’s lives can be.

   Wanting to be a writer hasn’t come easy for me, I have dyslexia and its really bad, I have a kind of dyslexia called Specific Developmental Dyslexia I was diagnosed when I was a young child. I wasn’t sure if I would ever read or write and the people who diagnosed me told my parents that if I could learn to write my name then I would be doing more than they thought I could do.

  But slowly at the age of 12 years old a book called the Foot Book by Dr. Seuss made sense in my head and I was able to read it. I didn’t stop reading, and I was writing by hand soon, it was harder for me to write by hand. I struggled and at times I felt like giving up, but slowly I decided that giving up wasn’t in me. And that nothing could ever try to keep me from doing what I love and writing is what I love. So I kept working and I worked hard.


   When I was 17 something awesome came into my life. A laptop. It was simple, it was there and I sat at the dining room table at two am on a Wednesday night and the world went into another place the keys they didn’t move so when I typed it was easy. Spell Check and autocorrect made my life more grammatically correct. I started writing and writing and soon I had written books that I wish to have published, but I just was writing. I wanted to just write. I was writing and it was like nothing I had ever felt before, It was like my kind of happy place.

   As I wrote something clicked in my head and for some reason the world around me didn’t feel so scary. I was no longer worried I wasn’t going to make it in this world, because I knew that my writing and my brain could do lots of things. I didn’t give up..

  Last year I got so sick and I lost so many people close to me, but something inside me knew that I needed to start telling people what it was like to live inside the world of the spoonies and the world of someone dealing with chronic illnesses.

  Videos on YouTube from people like The Clairty Project and The Frey Life made my goal seem real, they did it. The Frey Life does it every day, they show the daily struggle, and it makes me feel like if i keep going that I can help people understand the hurt, the pain, the life, the beauty, the fantastically parts of life. I want to show the ups the downs and the lots of looking for the bright side. 

   I really like this thing I read once about how which side is the bright side of the rainbow, like is it during the storm or is it after the storm? I think it’s during it, that’s where the brightside of the rainbow is. I think the brightness isn’t where you imagine it to be. When you’re eyes start to adjust to the darkness you start to see more clearly, and things became different and amazing.

  I’m not who everyone thought I would be, but I’m who I want to be. I will not stop doing what I love, so if you want to follow along to my beautifully fantastically life!! Then please do… I want to write because my soul demands me to write, so I will write. I will keep on keepin on… I am not sure where I am going but I’m making great time… And I’m just as confused as you…

Links to The Frey Life are here  –

Link to The Clairty Project are here –

Go Check them out my newly friend Jasmin’s blog, she is an amazing person who has fantastic taste in music, and authors! She is also living with a very rare disease called Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) Go follow her fantastically writing here  – 

Shayweaseling it….

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