The adaptive nature of life (with Or without chronic diseases.)

When I first got my inhaler as a child that I had to carry around with me I didn’t like carrying a bag or whatever but got use to it this is a simple explain of the adaptability of chronic diseases.

My central line (long term iv that goes into your heart I have a picc line it’s in my right arm) hangs from my arm I barely think about it being there I do things like move my arm in some ways to make sure it doesn’t catch on things. Without thinking I just do it.

I was 17 when my food allergies got a lot worse and I was told to cut out 9 foods all at once and keep in mind 3 of those where soy wheat and corn which cut out over 90% of processs foods. I learned to live like this. I cut them all out learned recipes and ways to keep my food tasting good and safe for me.

As I learned more and more food allergies I found more and more ways to keep my self safe my food safe! I adapted I had to.

You learn odd things when you have to or it could very well cost you your life if you didn’t.

I learned how to use coconut, rice, oatmeal flours. I slowly even watched my parents become people who didn’t eat foods I had reactions to if I smelled that one was a few years later but you get the point.

When I woke up from my first coma with my left side of my body being so much weaker then my life due to a stroke during the 7 and half hours of seizes. And I had to learn to use my left side. When I walk even now my left foot turns in some. I have to think about each step I take. But nevertheless I adapted to what my body and life was and is.

My friend Jazzy has a hairbrush that her dad made her with pbc pipes and tape so she could brush her hair easily since she can not move her neck or left her arms above her head. She made the world adapt to her. She made things adapt to her.

Moving around a lot as a child helped me adapt a lot. I learned things about how different everyone is about how having a small bedroom that I shared with my sisters wasn’t a big deal I learned a lot.

I adapted to the churches style of worship. The chronic illnesses that come up in. Life have to be able to make you adapt not adapt the diseases to you but you adapt to the diseases. If that means learning to make your feed and watchtower and find hobbies that make you sit down so you don’t make yourself sick then so be it. That’s how it is. You adapt.

My parents volunteer at a local addiction recovery center here in Beaufort NC the guys that are in the program I see them each learning to adapt to a life without drugs, alcohol or whatever it is that brought them in. I see them adapt to sharing a room with each other sharing a house with each other but the longer they stay in the program each one is more and more becoming more adaptable because the small little things they’ve adapted to have changed them and for some it’s for the better.

The adaptive nature that the Lord brings us to look at all the different ways God knows what we need. God planned our life’s out and instead of wanting God to adapt to our life or lifestyle we need to adapt our life to Gods plan to Gods life.

I don’t think that it’s easy to do so but I beleive if you honor the Lord each adaptation you have to make will become easier and easier. Till you don’t even know you already adapted to it.

When your diagnosed with a disease and told it could kill you. You don’t adapt by going out and hurting yourself or yelling at God because of it no you go and you figure out how to fight it. You adapt to the problems you face.

Adaptive nature of learning to be ok where your at.

To be ok to learning how to do things different.

To be ok learning how to make things easier for you.

To be ok with adapting whatever that might be.

Overall the biggest thing in life you will need learn is life is changing and if you don’t adapt you might not enjoy life as much. Life is always changing. It always will be. Adapting isn’t just accepting how thing are it’s accepting you can adapt and move forward at the same time. Adapt to how good how bad how sad how worried how weak your life is without the Lord.

Adapt because God wants you too. Adapt to the small joy. Adapt to Gods plan. Not Wanting God to adapt to you..

Shayweasel is learning to Adapt..

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