Prayers for MeMe (my mom Sherri)

My mom She went to the hospital last Wednesday because she was having chest pains the dr admitted her because the dr wanted a echo done. On Thursday my moms iv started to hurt but they said it was fine. After waiting all day Thursday and Friday they still hadn’t done the echo yet. Saturday morning they finally did the echo and the dr was busy so he discharged her without coming to see her. When the nurse took out the iv in my moms arm her arm started to hurt a lot. She asked the nurse about it and the nurse said it happens. My mom came home and was very tired and went and took a nap when she woke up barely a few hours later she had nausea a fever and her arm was swollen and very high her fever got to 103+ and we took her back to the hospital. The hospital hasn’t been fast acting on getting the infection under control. As of now My mom has MSSA which is a type of infection she will have to be on iv antiobiotiics for two weeks so we will be staying in Florida for two more weeks at least.. my mom does not have insurance even through she works for the government as she is my paid caretaker. Please pray we can get the infection under control. That the hospital will take responsibility of their wrong actions and financial responsibility. And please pray that my mom would break her fever and she wouldn’t be in to much pain! She is smiling as always and thinking more about others then herself. She truly is one of the most selfless humans alive.

Shayweasel praying

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