God set it up – Seaboard, NC

Every now and then when I look back on my life I get fully freaked out how much God step up my life. How this and this happened s o I could do this and this and so on. I see where the bad choices I made that God used them for the good. It’s amazing and totally creepy and mind blowing.

I moved to a boring seeming town of a seaboard you can’t get the sea but you can get the bored…..

I was 13 when we moved my papa was pastoring the church and for the first time he had more time to hang out with us and do stuff as he had been working a few jobs at a time most of my life. When we moved there he didn’t have to work another job but pastoring is more then a job.

But anyway my papa started taking me every now and then to visit people in the hospital, nursing homes, Home bond people. I enjoyed being with him and visiting people.

The town was small and I loved to ride my bike and would go and sit on the front porch with the elderly people from the church and basically it’s easy to know all 700 people in a small town in the edge of no where, I would sit and talk and talk.

When I was 15/16 my sisters Sam and Vana moved out of the house to go to college and all the sudden it was just me and my parents. I went to almost all the hospitals and nurses homes with either my mom or papa, and talked to everyone it helped me learn to talk better to people. It helped me never be scared of the hospitals something I had never really had a problem with before.

But mainly I learned how to handle boredom and how to handle having no one else my age. I learned a lot. And God set it up.

But the Down fall of this all was I loved all this people but I had to watch so many die. I cried a lot. But it helped me. I went to over 200 funerals in the course of 6 years I lived there. I watched my friends died it didn’t matter that they were 70, 80, and 90s years old but they were a blessing to me. My teen years were spent in the best place for me.

God knew how bad I am with teenagers. I’ve never understood them. And didn’t want to be that way ever. I was never fully like that but I did things wrong after we moved. I cry thinking about it now but that’s beside the point.

How does this help me now days?

Well I don’t mind watching tv all day. I don’t mind going to the hospital to visit people (not as much for my self) or having to wait for hours because I can find ways to deal with boredom from reading, writing watching TV movies talking to strangers learning new ways to think making up or writing books and stories.

I learned to handle death well. And sickness. I’m better in scary or life threading moments. I’m good at calming others down. Now calming down myself is different I learned to put my emotions aside and think of others more.

Now that’s one explanation but there are so many more ways God set up my life. I’ll tell you more later! Today through that’s it.

I’m not perfect or awesomely good. But God is still working on me. And I can wait to see what he does next.. because God really likes to freak our family out..

Thanks for being you and reading this!

Shayweasel being set up

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