Best fast paced Underrated Movies

I love movies! I am a self proclaimed movie buff and am proud of it! Here is a list of my favorite or best fast paced underrated movies

1. The Crazies

Why I love it is because it starts off fast it’s oddly original and if this happened in real life it would be so horrifying which is just what they are going for.

2. Kidnap

Why I love it is the movie is fast through all of it! There isn’t a lot of back and fourth going over your plan stuff. It’s a great way of making it too and the fact that the main stars are like five people makes it even better because you feel like your in the car trying to get your son back.

3. Cellar

Why I love it the movie like the other two is fast pace, fast talking, quick thinking, roll coaster of amazement! It shows humans at there best and worst.

4. Stay alive.

Why I love it is it’s fast pace it’s funny it has a good story line, the video game is amazing in so many weird ways I love the history part of it and that you feel like you know each person in it well. And again it’s so funny.

Here are four and there are dozen more! Let me know what you guys think in the comments! I love movies and I’ll keep watching them!

Shayweaseling it

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