7 Reasons Getting Rare Diseases Are Hard To diagnose

I know for some people who haven’t had to deal with rare diseases might not know is why it takes so long sometimes to get a doctor to diagnosed so here is 7 reasons to help others understand. And rare diseases people to relate to.

1. Doctors rarely remember the 1 of 7,000 rare diseases they learned for nine minutes or less in medical school.

2. The main symptoms of a lot of rare diseases can manifest in different ways for each case of the diseases. One person can have FOP (rare bone disease that my best friend Jazzy has here’s her blog to learn more Jazzy blog ) and turned in toes a birth at birth , while another might not.

3. Rare diseases can have the same symptoms as some more common diseases, but they aren’t caused by the same things.

4. Misdiagnoses can cause damage to a rare disease if the treatment or the seriousness of the disease is lacking or harmful it can kill people.

5. Rare diseases have different kinds of most of rare diseases.

6. Their isn’t always a test for the disease and sometimes is that it’s nothing else so it’s this disease, and sometimes the test isn’t done in the hospital or Drs offices close to you.

7. Rare diseases have short time limits on some making diagnosing them before death hard.

The thing about rare diseases is that the rare part effects every part of it. The rare and unknown May never be known. And coming from someone who has been slowly learning more diseases it takes forever to find out what’s wrong sometimes and sometimes when you find out you wish you wouldn’t have.. but sometimes finding out no matter the cost is the most important thing and if you give up you might miss out… on life.. on living.. on being alive. So don’t give up. Fight. And keep trying till you find a doctor who will find out what’s wrong a doctor who will help you after you find out and a doctor who will keep helping you stay alive no matter the cost for the doctor find happiness but keep Joy close..

It is worth it…

Shayweasel knows some of my rare diagnoses because shayweasel didn’t stop

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