What it looks like 


1; the video above shows my right shoulder popping in and out of place. Which is caused by EDS Ehlers–Danlos syndrome a collagen disease that cause none or lack of collagen it is a genetic or mutated gene that I was born with. 

2; this is my left foot turning in a way it shouldn’t be able to do. This is also caused by EDS but it was made worse after a stroke  that I had either when I was seizure for 7 1/2 hours or when I was in my first coma, which I had to be put it because of seizing for 7 1/2 hours. 

4; as my hereditary blood disorder which causes my red blood cells to die to fast which makes me have low blood counts. 

5; anaphylaxis, or anaphylactic shock is something that I have to deal with daily and and that requires me to be on IV Benadryl every and every single other anti-histamine out there I am allergic to so many different foods  smells and so many other things
Part two will be published soon.

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