Happy anniversary!! You’ve been married 32 years

My parents met because my moms best friends who we. Call her aunt faith! Faith had told Sherri (my mom) that Steve (my papa) was a great listener. But on my parents first date my papa talked the whole time! 


  Which is adorably funny. There went to the same Bible college. My mom felt God telling her she needed to marry a pastor. 

Which she do for sure! My parents have been through a lot. Being a pastor being the homeschool teacher. They believed in us children. They made my life better for me. Easier for each of us children. 

  The scary times happened a lot the ones that shake your core. 

   My parents didn’t buy a new car we had used cars. They did this because they wanted to make things easier to do Gods work. And they never wanted the car payment to hold us back from doing things. We got to learn what is important and what’s not. We learned to by what we needed not always what you want. 

  Our parents loved. We went to Christian camps we did VBS We all played sports we got

To learn in such a way you both of you have been wonderful!! You are in more wonderful now!

  You showed us the art of being loved. Having a wonderful kind mind. 
Mom papa you didn’t just have a wedding and went about life. But you guys worked harder and harder. You have built our family! 
  Lots of heart breaks but way more love kindness. 
Through the grace of God you did everything. I love you both 

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