Kneel before needing

As long as I’ve been a human I’ve had a relationship with God. I have spent many hours crying out to go through out my life. I have seen people on their death bed crying out to God. I’ve seen a still born baby in the arms of a mother who weeps to God.

But the thing I’ve seen less of is someone kneeling before God before they needed something. They didn’t drop to there knees and say how much they love their father daily. Not because something horrible has happened but the reason you pray more in the bad times is that when everything is going easily for you… Satan isn’t going to attack you if your not upsetting him going against his ways.

I’ve seen it through I’ve seen people kneel on there knees praying daily. My family is one of them.

Now you might go but bad people have stuff happen to them too. But sometimes it’s not Satan attacking them or that God hates them.

God gave us the Bible theses commandments to help us not hurt us. This is the safety protocol of God.

People who know nothing of the Lord and they have something bad happen or something of that matter it’s because when you don’t follow the rules you get hurt.

Over all sin is the reason for all the evil in the world. The cure for evil is the God. And you know when you get saved or ask God in your heart you might think everything is going to get easier but honestly it’s gonna get hard because sinning is easy and Satan doesn’t want you to follow God.

Back to my first point is when you only pray when bad things happen you miss out on getting to know God.

If that one person you have who only calls you when they “need” money a place to live then sometimes you don’t want to answer the call…. and God He always answers..

Shayweasel being deep out….

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