My Failing Body Fighting!! 

I don’t know how.. But I am more amazed more happyMore loving life then I ever have before.. I don’t think I could

Be any more happy and feeling loved and blessed by God then I do right now…. I can’t imgaine my life being any more amazing then it is right now like I love the people

I have in my

Life. I love that I have such good friends support and that I have a God that is always here and I have a world where no matter what happens I’m strong enough. To live inside my failing body and that on a daily basic I’m fully amazed by Macy, Jazz, Dara, AnnaJoh, Stephie, Rory, Carson, Wavey, Sammiy, Vampire, Sean, Josh, Matt, Nick, Cheyenne, Rachel, My papa, My mom, my aunt Helen, my life couldn’t be any more amazing just because of the people that God placed in my life… 

 You know my insane failing body is never gonna not fail but I’m not failing and I’m fight but it’s because of the amazing people

Who I have the world I live in is never not gonna be confusing but I’m more

Happy and more blessed then I could ever ask for. And I would never change

Anything because this life I have is amazingly FANTASTICALLY!!! And I am strong enough because of all of

The wonderful people and my Lord who gave me the body the mind and the randomness of being ShayWeasel!! I got


   This is not just my fight song or my fight this is my failing body that I will never fail…
ShayWeaseling it!!! 

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