I feel like on June 29th 2015 the world stood up in front of me, Stephie, my best friends, my family, and looked at me and was like your going down… And everyone who knows me and knows anything about my weird life is that when I get thrown into anything I normally try to find a way to dig around and see what’s around… I had a seizure my body stopped.. I was put into a my First medical induced coma, and I was on life support I was intubated.. They told stephie that this could be it, call the family, but if you know anything about my familyAnd my fighter Stephie you know that all of us are like yea right we got this…..

   Stephie fought every day from the moment I was born and from the moment she yelled at Sam and told her to get out of her way… Stephie fought for me while my body was in the first coma, and when I awoke and all we knew was that my body was like a pretty little unicorn and I mean it always had been but I think my body was like hey world

I’m a unicorn and I got this… This year Stephie showed my body, doctors, the world that she is a bad ass who wasn’t gonna give up. 


 This year I’ve been in a few comas, been put on life support, intubated, used more then 250 epipens, no idea how much Benadryl, I’ve meet some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I’ve made friends like Macy, Dara, Jazz, Cheyenne, who fight there bodies every day and who are funny, fantastically, weird and my best friends. I’ve gotten closer to my lovely AnnaJoh who I might not have seen in like 12 years but dude I’m gonna walk in your wedding and I’m gonna cheer for you everyday because your my AnnaJoh. 

   I’ve gotten closer to Vampire and Sammiy and I’ve learned that you don’t have to be right beside someone to have them pull you up… I’ve got to see Rory grow and I got to see Wavey and Carson grow and become so much more amazing every day and I might not get to see them every day or as much in person but it’s

Ok, Carson was officially put into our family like he always was we just got cool paperwork. I’ve seen my Brother-laws Grow to be even more amazing and to help the women they love, I’ve seen each other them be humble and become more amazing men. 

  I’ve watched Sean become even more amazingly awesome and totally super Sean. 

  I’ve yet to met Taylor in person but from what I can see that women is pretty fabulous!! I mean but if anyone knows my family you

Know we are just as random and fantastically as can be….  

   I don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow but I don’t care… Because it’s gonna be ok, this year dying would have been way easier for the doctors to explain to everyone then when there are 8 doctors standing around you and one of them says out loud “Shay your blood pressure is 34/14 and your awake and standing at me… How?” And when I struggled and all the nurses and doctors are just kinda like

Whelp we got no clue… I’m like my body doesn’t have any idea either…
 A year ago I cried one night for a while

And I was scared and Stephie looked me in the eye and said lets do this… We fight.. And you know what… We just fight… And fight.. And no matter what happens next we are gonna just keep going… So hey comas, allergies, a body who is

Gonna fail me.. You

Know what?! My God, my Stephie, my best friends, my family they don’t fail me

Soo who needs a working body when you got love and fight from my lovely humans!!!

   I love my life, and I’m gonna die inside a failing body and I’m gonna have pain, I’m gonna be ShayWeasel and I’m not scared because I have a little army of people who are amazing..

 So this next year…. Come at me… I’m ready…. For nothing!! 

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