7 Ways I Say I Love You


 Growing up I was not an overly huggable child, I didn’t always tell people I loved them or hug them even though I did love them. I just didn’t share my love that way. It’s one of the weird things about having autism that makes things hard sometimes you want to express yourself but it doesn’t work super well….

 Here are 7 ways growing up and now that I say I love you..

  1. I give you a hug..

If I ever make a note to touch you I most likely like and love you as a person, even if it’s a weird side hug or if I’m not seeming like I really want to hug you I am trying I promise and it’s a big deal for me to even try and hug you.


  1. I write you long messages

When I got my first iPhone I was amazed by the fact that I could write someone a really long text and it could mean a lot. I express myself better through writing sometimes then I do through talking or other ways. So when I write you a long message it means I really love you.

  1. I ask about you

It might not seem much at the time but if I ask you how you are, or ask about your job I really do want to know. I care about you and sometimes I am not sure how to show it so I try and ask what you like, or how work is or what happened during your day.

  1. I call you..

I don’t call a lot of people, mostly my parents and like two friends but if I call you and I know sometimes I don’t know what to say but I promise I want to talk to you I am just not always good at saying what I want.

  1. I rant to you

If I just start ranting to you even if it’s because I love you very much, I love to rant and to talk but sometimes when I feel passionate about something I’ll just rant about it for hours. I want you to rant to, I want to hear what you’re passionate about and I want you to rant to me.

  1. I say thank you

I love to write people thank you notes or just say thank you to them but sometimes I think that they think I’m just saying something but truly I am thankful for you and I am thankful for what you are doing even if I don’t know how to show it.

  1. If I say I love you.

I tell people I love them but sometimes I feel like they really don’t understand how much I truly love them. I do love you and if I say I love you, I truly mean it.


 When you have problems that make your mind work slightly different or just not near the same as everyone you have to understand that we try to love you, and we try to say it but every now and then it’s hard so please understand that. Having autism is a strange thing it’s a mind thing and it’s not something I can change but I don’t think I would change it…

Shayweaseling it…

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