Letters TO; eosinophilic esophagitis


So I guess we met when I was about 16? Is that when you came into my life? But anyhow. I like you but I really don’t like you but I’m glad you’re here.

  You sorta remind me of most middle schoolers I know. Your really annoying most of the time and not really quite. Your awkward to deal with and get mad at me for no reason but then you go through this this like phase of hating everything. No foods, no smells, no outdoors, and then you go through phases where you’re like sorta chill and you act like everything is cool in life but then you get mad randomly one day and like throw rocks at me and like close a door in my face and I’m like what?

  You didn’t really mess with the wrong person if I was telling you the truth. I’m pretty sure you knew who you were messing with when you came

In you saw me like a mile away and where like she has food allergies, asthma, is allergic to the outdoors and indoors. Dude we go to get inside her body!! I am like your perfect person for this disease. I match everything perfectly!! So when you joined I wasn’t shocked to tell you the truth. I was like well we were a perfect match.  

 It’s sorta like going out with someone from match.com and your like you and me are a perfect match but I still don’t like you. Like I know we match up but you are still annoying as heck. Dude stop it

  But then you like a middle schooler wouldn’t leave me alone so I just sorta let you come

Over but you didn’t have to invite a bunch of problems with you. Like can we talk about the  swallowing issue! I’m not cool with it… I enjoy swallowing my food and drinks. So if we can not have issues with it that’d be cool…

  I haven’t always been okay with you been here eosinophils, but I don’t think I am upset with you being here anymore…

Well eosinophilic esophagitis since you’re here can I do anything to help you? Can we make a plan? Okay cool…

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