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The other day I read this thing about how this person was upset because she lost her leg and how she worried she would never look like anyone she knew.  

This got me to thinking see. I guess I look pretty so called normal and if you don’t know I’m sick and just see me at Walgreens you might think I have a healthy Body.

 But I don’t care to look like people in the magazines or even try to look normal at all. I just want to be alive. And I’m luckily to be alive.  

 My life might seem horrid to some but to me it’s my life. I wake up and I sleep, I breath, I dream, I have thoughts, I hope to do and I never plan on giving up.

 So if I lose my leg.  If I lose my arms. If I can’t talk, if I can’t hear, if I can’t see, it’s going to be okay because no one can ever take away … The part of me that makes me me… That’s just me. I can learn to not be able to see or live without a limb or not being able  to speak or hear but that is alright.

 I am more then my limbs, then my body, I am my personality. No one can change me but me. And if I lose my health fully and I am told I will die..

It’s gonna be okay because I am beautiful in my own shay way. And I don’t need to be like anyone else and I don’t need to look like anyone. Because I was made to be me and only me o I am not going after what the world sees as beauty. I’m king after what I see as beauty.

Which to me means having a positive attitude and having a good kind spirit and being. A caring person. Loving each other. Being kind to people. Giving hope and insight into my life

 That’s right there is what I call beauty. My eyebrows are on fleek. But that’s because I didn’t touch them I was just kind I will love my failing body and my failing health and I will be whoever I want to be and I want to be me…

 So I like who I am. And I like what I do. And I like being kind and I like being hopeful and I like being nice and I like giving someone love and hope in a dark time…

Shayweasel out

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