11 Reasons My Downfalls Are Fantastically…

 I have downfalls and I personally like some of the things some people call my downfalls I’m learning to love… So here is a list of things I like that you call my downfall..


   1. I feel all my emotions so deeply that sometimes it causes me to break down

I feel so much deep that some people say its the worst downfall of having autism but I love this about myself because it makes me have emotions that make some people wish they could feel. I love my emotions even when they are insanely off the chart.

         2 . I enjoy being alone

Some people say being alone is a bad thing but I seriously love being alone It’s enjoyable to me, but see when you don’t have friends to talk to and feel alone, I don’t I like myself I like being alone and just being..

  1.  I am good at knowing what I want all the time

I’m the easiest person to buy for, when you have to buy me a gift and ask me what I want I know right off the bat what I want and where you can get it. It also goes along with eating and drinking and talking to people if I want it. I do it get it whatever…

  1. I don’t enjoy all people

If I like you, you should take that as a good sign that you’re good because I don’t like everyone sometimes I just don’t like people and if I do like you then I won’t stop liking you.

  1. I’m straightforward and tell people off if they are rude

I have what some call a problem but I personally don’t I’m not scared to be like “Gurl… You are being a rude B… Get over it..” And normally the person looks at you for a good minute and then gets over it.

  1. I stand up for what I believe in because I have passion that runs deep

My passion can get out of control sometimes but most of the time it’s all like such a good thing because I am passionate about what I believe in and I always stand up for it.

  1. I’m not scared of what people think about me

I can wear purple tights with a bright green shirt and a skit that has cats all over it and totally think I look and feel fantastically and while some people put a lot of thought and worry into what they wear I’m not scared of what people think about me sometimes I worry about it but I’m not scared of it.


  1. I care deeply about people I do like

My friends and family the people I love and truly like I care deeply about them, I want to make sure they are okay all the time and I want to know what’s going on in there life’s. I care.

  1. I’m not one to leave you once I love you

When I make friends and when I decided I like someone you’re stuck because unless you do something horrifyingly horrid I’m gonna love you forever and till the end of time. I will care about you and I will want to talk to you.

  1. I will forever be who I want to be

With not being scared of what people say I’m not scared to be fully and totally myself and I love myself.

  1. My chronic incurable rare diseases are a very good thing for me.

I am coming terms with my illnesses and I love my illnesses for what they have done for me… They have given me friends that are fantastically, I have had the chance to do things that I personally didn’t want to do but I’m glad I did them. I’m blessed…

I don’t need to be perfect I just need to be me…

This post was inspired by the song Love Myself By Hailee Steinfeld here is a link to the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMpFmHSgC4Q 


2 thoughts on “11 Reasons My Downfalls Are Fantastically…

  1. First off let me just say your amazing sometimes the things i read on your blog is what i need to hear . I myself was recently diagnosed with a rare chronic disease called Ahus which also in return destroyed both kidneys some of the things you talk about really hit home bc i can relate to them and i apperciate it i dont know if youll actually see this but i just feel like i needed to thank you for being so honest in your blog and saying things i am too scared too admitt so thank you , you are amazing

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