To The Nurse Who Was Mean To My Best Friend

Dear Nurse,

You don’t know me. We have never met you weren’t my nurse. My best friend you were her nurse and she told me that you were mean to her and I’m not okay with this so I need to tell you something.

  My BFF is having a hard time. Her doctors started a treatment that isn’t working and it’s making her worse. She can barely stay awake for more than four hours. And she can barely get around her house. She had horrid time at the ER when she has been in dire pain and she didn’t need you to be mean to her.

  Her treatment is painful and she is skinny which makes when you put those needles in her stomach epically painful. Let me put a needle in your stomach and see how you feel about it. Let me add that the needle gets to stay there for like an hour… Or 3.. It’s not easy. Did you know that the last treatment made her really sick? Did you ask her if you were hurting her? Did you just think she was another thing on your daily duty?

  I’m not trying to be mean and I know I am being mean but you don’t understand we don’t want to be sick. We don’t. But we are and we need help from nurses and doctors to survive or else we would die. And dying isn’t something we need in our lives as women in our 20s.

  We don’t mean to be as sick as we are but we are. We aren’t too young to have our illnesses we are older enough to handle them but when you are mean it makes us feel like we can’t trust any nurses or doctors.

  I mean you must remember a time when someone was mean to you and it hurt? Think about it. That moment when you didn’t just hate one McDonald’s but you suddenly hated all the McDonald’s even though it was only that one McDonald’s that was bad to you. It’s the same way we feel about nurses if one nurse hurts us. we are hurt.

   I know you might not have thought anything you were just in a bad mood having a bad day or whatever. But. It’s not okay. It hurts us.

  So nurse who was mean to my best friend remember that you aren’t in pain everyday. You don’t have a treatment that was supposed to make you better but made you 10 times worse. Remember that she is in pain everyday and you don’t know that she is going through her life with diseases that might never get better…

   So please don’t be mean, don’t be short with us. Don’t get mad if you forgot to do something. Her brain isn’t getting enough oxygen for her to do anything is amazing. She goes days were she just sleeps because her body is getting so bad…

 I really hope that in the future you aren’t like this to anyone else because when you’re sick everyday it makes life so much harder. Remember kindness…
Signed Shayweasel

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