11 weird things I say to my body.. as a Spoonie….


  1. Its food, its not trying to kill you stop attacking everything I eat. I don’t want to die I promise.
  2. Eosinophilic cells calm down… Just calm the heck down.. Everything is fine also stop attacking random body parts I need my body parts.
  3. Body if you could give me some kind of warning before I had a seizure that’d be greeeeeeaaaatttt!!!!! Thanks
  4. I promise body when I stand up you don’t have to make my heart rate go up to 220… That’s not reasonable..
  5. Umm.. Just a word of advice YOU’RE fine don’t freak out over the cat… I promise the fur… Oh shit you’re already attacking the fur…
  6. If you calm down and maybe not black out I would really love that.
  7. Showering isn’t meant to make you pass out/blackout/have a seizure. Thats not a logic thing to do… Nope… Not logic..
  8. Keeping food in your stomach for four days is just not something you have to do, Now body you need to learn to push food through. Oh you’re paralyzed… Shit, welp I’m out of luck..
  9.  Do you just like using the Epipen/Auvi-Q? Is this fun to you?… Nope I didn’t think it was so maybe if you didn’t make so many mast cells you could not use the epipen/Auvi-Q less…. Okay?
  10. Did you just seizure? Or did the TV just skip? What is going on?
  11.  How on earth are you still alive?? How body are you so strong… How do you keep going??

 As much as I hate my body I have to remember that it’s super strong and has gotten me through more things then I ever thought it could.

   When you’re a person with chronic illnesses you sometimes forget how much your body is doing and how much your body is really trying. Even though I am fighting my body, I am also working with my body… I guess those two things go hand in hand….

thanks for reading…

Shayweas out……

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