Hospital coffee…


When my papa was in the hospital when they told us he might die, I went down and got some coffee… Hopsital coffee.. it’s strange kind of coffee, strong yet good..

Waiting for my Niece Rory to be born… I went and got coffee… Hospital Coffee.. I sat down and thought of everyone there..

When My niece Wavey was taking her sweet time to be born. I walked down and got coffee. Hospital coffee.

When my grandma was sick and we all knew she was gonna get the pleasure of going to heaven… I got some hospital coffee

And this past Tuesday when my doctor told me I have a disease called Eosinophilic Esophagitis I went and got coffee.. hospital coffee.  I sat down… And I looked around and nothing was really that different I just had another name for another illnesses thats making my body a medically fun one..

I find peace in hospital coffee.. I find peace sitting with a cup of coffee with one sugar and some milk or half and half…. I take comfort in a strong taste and a good taste in my mouth, I find peace with all the people walking past looking happy and dazed some tired and some hooked up to IV poles.. I find peace in a strange thing..

I find peace in hospital coffee.. I find this taste of coffee when everything isn’t going my way. I just partly want some hospital coffee.. My papa is still alive, both my nieces are growing and being amazing. My illnesses are having a field day with my body, it’s attacking things and it’s having fun…

When I sit with my hospital coffee, my world is normally changing becoming different if it’s getting someone into the world or letting someone leave, or if it’s you or someone else getting a diagnosis or if its sickness… Hospital coffee is my go to answer for the questions of my life that I never meant to ask…

So next time I’m holding a hospital coffee in my hand and next time my world is changing next time my body gets worse or next time my epi pen must come into play know I’m totally gonna need some hospital coffee to go along with it…

So thank you doctors and nurses for drinking tons of coffee so that the hospital always has coffee…

My little world full of doctors appointments and hospital stays and scary days and funny ways I’ve got hospital coffee to make me smile..

Shayweasel it…

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