New More Weirder? Food Allergies..

I didn’t write a Shay-De Foodie Friday last week because… Well it didn’t happen mainly because I learned I have more food allergies and was diagnosed with a disease. I was overwhelmed by the thought of food..

Let alone writing a blog post about food.. I get nervous when I get told I have around 40 food allergies.. I’m allergic to so many thing I don’t know what safe food is..

Or that’s how it feels. See even someone who has food allergies for a while gets nervous when I get a new food allergy.. Food allergies are serious… I try to remind myself that i’ve had food allergies for a while and I’m still alive. I will make mistakes, anaphylaxis and allergic reactions will happen and that’s okay.

Food allergies are a big deal they do change things and that’s okay. It doesn’t matter if you have one food allergy or 90 food allergies they make a difference. I over the course of a weekend and a couple days am having trying finding food. I don’t want to hurt my body. I want to keep it safe.

Food allergies aren’t an easy task, they are hard sometimes and sometimes they are easy. I don’t mind having food allergies, sometimes I wish I had less food allergies maybe like 7? I could do 7 easier but what I am allergic to is okay… It’s okay to be allergic to something. Life can get better life can be okay with food allergies.

I get to live my life food allergies come up daily but so does my knee pain, so does my family so does my life… Everyday when I think about my food allergies I’m glad I’m able to think about them… Soo… Yea

This has been Shady-De Foodie Friday…
Shayweaseling out…

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