Things You Don’t Hear Spoonies Say


  1. I am adoring staying in bed all day and not having the energy to move!
  2. This infection is so good!!
  3. I love that they don’t have an FDA approved treatment for my disease!
  4. Thanks for telling me how to fix the diseases that I have and that you random person who has no illness…and knows nothing about, I love people telling me info that my 7 doctors hadn’t thought of..
  5. I only have to take 13 different kind of pills!!
  6. Oh my goodness I love getting hospital bills!
  7. Yes I love staying up all night because the pain is just too awesome to handle
  8. I love going to the ER they have snacks!!!
  9. My doctor just called and told me I have another rare disease this was my christmas wish!
  10. I love vomiting
  11. I just found out I’m getting a feeding tube and I’m so not nervous whatsoever!
  12. I love surgeries!IMG_5842
  13. Sleeping in till 4 pm is so great! I just love waking up tired! its the best!
  14. Well my doctor told me I’m gonna die and I’m just over the moon!
  15. I love the fact that I haven’t had a pain-free day in two years! Its so nice!
  16. Missing parties is so good!
  17. I love people not taking my disease seriously
  18. I highly enjoy people telling me that I’m lazy!
  19. I have never felt so good in my life!
  20. My body is so fantastic it does everything it needs to!
  21. Ohh this pollen in the air is so awesome!
  22. Please I love people thinking my disease is all in my head because you can’t see it.. But believe me its not like I had to go through hoops to just get a doctor to take me any kind of seriousness…


Just somethings that don’t normally come out of spoonies mouths… (Note Spoonie is a chronically ill person!)

Thanks for reading!


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