What I Wish People Knew About Food Allergies


Let me start….


  1. They are hard to deal with, but that doesn’t mean impossible. I hate it when people act like having food allergies sounds like the worst thing that could ever happen.
  2. I can’t eat the food I’m allergic to. Doesn’t matter if its organic or if its grown in a field of only flowers. I can’t eat it.
  3. I did hear they are working on a cure, I most likely heard it before you, like a while ago. Thanks for the update.
  4. When I say I can’t eat something please just take my word.
  5. I’m picky yes, but if I wasn’t picky I’d die, from anaphylaxis. If I seem rude for not eating something at your party just know if I did eat it, I’d most likely ruin your party by having an ambulance come and pick me up.
  6. You have to ask questions if you don’t ask questions then you could end up sick or dead.
  7. I can die from the smell and touch of some foods, if you have popcorn be careful not to touch me after eating it. You might hurt me, and I promise you thats not what you want. Just please listen.
  8. They are serious and dangerous. And can be deadly.
  9. Being “Too Careful” isn’t a thing. You can never be too careful. Food allergies are serious and if not careful can kill me and other people please take just seriously.
  10. I read every label, I can tell you almost everything that is in my food. Its kind of cool, or I think it is.
  11. I’m going to be okay, as long as I am careful. Food Allergies are hard but they aren’t as hard as you think they are.

This has been Shay-De Foodie Friday!!! 

Shayweaseling it!! 

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