Why I Don’t Have a Disability but A Different Ability


I’m not disabled, that’s how I seen it. I have different abilities than most, I can remember almost anything, I can smell some numbers and some words feel funny. I don’t like being around to many people at once, I’m not great with loud noises.

I am good at a lot of things. Nannying being one. I work as a nannying and I love it. Children and me normally get along. I love children. They are fantastically.


I also have chronic illnesses, Autism, happens to be one, but it doesn’t change who I am but I feel like sometimes it changes the way people see me. I don’t normally just come out to someone and say “hey, hey, hey I’m autistic” but I’ll tell them sometimes when its important for them to know.

People act like things like being in a wheelchair or being unable to walk long ways or being chronically sick and in and out of the hospitals are such a horrible and disabilities life to live.


I mean people see it as the worst thing sometimes but its not that bad. Its just kind of well life. I like life, Its weird and random. I’ve met amazing nurses and doctors and I have made amazing friends who also have chronic illnesses I wouldn’t have met them if it wasn’t for my illnesses.

Its not a disability I have it’s a different ability. I can do a whole lot, and there are some things I can’t do but aren’t all humans bad at some stuff and good at others, I really enjoy writing and reading. I happen to be bad at telling people my emotions sometimes. But thats not a disability its a different ability.

I wish people would understand that it’s not all hard, a lot of it is good. I have a different life not disadvantage life. I don’t wish my brain and body worked different I’m okay with this body that doesn’t stay together and doesn’t digest food and doesn’t work like it should or make hormones I’m okay with all of that because I am able to live. I’m not disabled to live. I’m not dead, I’m alive and I’m well.

 Life isn’t all bad life is good. Life is amazing. We aren’t disabled in a wheelchair, or disabled in the mind, we are different but we are amazing. It just takes time to know how amazing we are. So give us a chance.  

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