I’m not shocked, sometimes things happen in life that I’m just not shocked by. Like when war breaks out it doesn’t shock me, when someone murders people it doesn’t shock me. It upsets me but doesn’t shock me.

When I was on twitter and I saw Josh Duggar being a trending topic I thought welp, here it is. It made me mad, it also made me feel really about for the victims of this horrible thing. They right now are having to relive those moments as the world all the sudden knows. And I’m gonna guess people closest to the victims are asking how they are, they are asking how Josh is he lost his job and blah blah blah. And the people he hurt and did this too are reliving it. Its most likely like reliving a nightmare you have tried to forget.

I was also upset when I thought about the fact that when he got married he made such a big deal out of the fact that he was “pure” he hadn’t had sex or kissed or anything “impure” but now we know that he was in fact not pure.

I don’t like that he called it a mistake, a mistake is misplacing your keys or buying cows milk when you needed soy milk. But this isn’t a mistake this is something you did more than once, with different people, five different people, they I’m gonna guess were deeply hurt by it. I don’t know if they were told it wasn’t their fault or if they think it is their fault, do the girls he did this too know that they didn’t do anything wrong? Are they still in pain? I’m going to guess the answer is yes.


Its not your fault if you are raped, you can’t ask to be raped, because then its not really rape, its something else, that’s called sex. Having sex is when both people want to have sex. Being molested touched in any way, is wrong. If you don’t say someone can touch you in any way, if they touch you in a sexual manner, it is not okay.

I don’t think any crime is unforgivable, but we don’t get to make the choice if it’s forgivable or not, because it’s not up to us. Its up to the people, the girls, young girls at the time, who he molested, we don’t get to forgive him, we don’t have that choice, that’s how I see it.


Josh has stepped down from his job, his family is possibly going to lose the tv show they have, is it InTouch Magazines fault? Nope its Josh, yes I wouldn’t want something I did as a teenager to control my life, But I didn’t molest children..

Josh did something that was horribly wrong, he shouldn’t be working somewhere that suppose to protect family rights because you never know if he is going to molest someone again.

In one report it said that he stopped after he went to work for a few months with a family friend but my question is did he stop? Or when he came back to live in the house with the people he hurt, did the girls being to scared not tell anyone anymore because they saw nothing really happened when they told. Yes he was sent to a family friend but that was in. The girls had to live in the same house with him when he came back.. They had to see him everyday, they had to see him get married, they had to put on a smile and try not to let anyone know.

Anna, Josh’s wife, said she knew and that he had told her two years before they got married but what did she know? That he touched someone or that he molested his sisters? A family friend? That when you molest children its about control normally, and most molesters don’t stop once they start and if they do stop its not without long hard work and lots of therapy, that its not so cut and dry thats it most likely will happen again??


When people are reality TV shows are put into the spotlight for just doing weird things like having 19 children or for being a beauty queen, it’s a strange world. The duggars I’ve watched for years, my mom enjoys the show and we watched it together, I have always not liked Josh he annoys me and seemed very creepierish sometimes. But I watched the show. I understand that what the family is going through is hard but what the girls are going through I’m sure is harder.

  The girls didn’t ask to be molested, this isn’t their fault and this is Josh’s fault. Everything hasn’t been handle right.

This has been Wesday the day I rant about whatever I please… This didn’t make me happy…

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