23 things I’m Excited for in my 23rd year


  1. The fact that I have been alive for 23 years is amazing!
  2. To meet Macy in person!! (Hopefully summer sometime!)
  3. I can’t wait for my Niece Wavey’s first birthday
  4. Hopefully get some new doctors and treatment!!
  5. Finding new books to read
  6. To see my nephew Carson get fully adopted out of foster care.
  7. Being able to keep working and making this blog and website better!!
  8. Seeing my nieces and nephews get more amazing
  9. Watching Rory turn four years old!
  10. Going to the beach
  11. To listen to all the new music that comes out!
  12. To see the world become better
  13. For Walking Dead to come back on in October… Let me be honest
  14. For my parents 30th anniversary this year!
  15. Not vomiting everyday… That’s more of a hope but I’d be really excited if that happened..
  16. To get new glasses!
  17. Halloween and Scream Queens!!
  18. Making 100 post on my website!
  19. All the projects I have working on and to be able to show them to the world!
  20. Working to make myself a better person each day!
  21. Going on roadtrip… It will happen.. Always does!
  22. Making art!
  23. Living…Being able to breath and laugh everyday.

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