22 things I learned while being 22


  1. I really don’t like being around a lot of people and thats okay. I knew this was true but I accepted it this year.
  2. Emojis make text convos really funny.
  3. I seriously love reality TV shows and children cartoons!!!
  4. Ice Cream really does heal things.
  5. Dye Free Children’s Benadryl from Walgreens does really taste the best.
  6. Some diseases have no cure and no treatment and they need one..
  7. I freaking love dance moms it’s so dramatic when I watch it I forget about my life
  8. Meeting People online can become really good friends!!! (Hey Macy, Hey Aileen)
  9. I can get ready really fast. Adding on to that I don’t need makeup to look good.
  10. I’m a really good photographer, I’m proud of that.
  11. Wearing a Medical ID bracelet does make me feel safer, Adding on to that one Anaphylaxis is horrifyingly scary.
  12. The Medical world can suck but I have Spoonie friends to complain to – Also learned what spoonies are (chronically Ill people)
  13. Blogs aren’t just for moms and moody teens there is a lot of really awesome blogs.
  14. EDM is pretty awesome, and no I couldn’t go to a show of an EDM artist because they would have lots of flashing lights which is one possible way to send Shay into a seizure but their music is pretty awesome and I like that.
  15. I love walking around stores like target and ross, and not buying anything. Its like people watching with weirdness and random items.
  16. There are always lots of opinions, you just have to know them. I don’t have to say yes to anything I don’t feel comfortably with. and No is an acceptable answer.
  17. There is a yoga move for everything in life. Stress? Got that! Anger? Got it! Every emotion has a yoga move.
  18. I have a weird act for finding videos and them becoming popular a month or weeks later. Its strange… It happened so many times.
  19. I’m addicted to itunes.. I have a problem but no you may not help me with it unless by helping you mean buying me iTunes gift cards if that is the case you may help as much as you please!!
  20. Life is random
  21. When all else fails eat ice cream, yogurt, and drink out of glass water bottles.
  22. I’m a wonderful person I’ll make mistakes and the past really does stay in the past. I love my life

That was what I learned over the past year, I guess you could say this year changed my life, but really every year, every day, every moment, changes your life in some ways.

Happy Birthday to me!!!

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