22 things I accepted while 22



  1. My family is really cool, they do love me and they do care about me. I have a great family and they make my life better not worse.
  2. I’m different then other people, but that’s okay, I never needed to be like everyone else anyway. I shouldn’t have tried so hard.
  3. Life goes on without people, no matter how much you love someone when they die you have to move on but not forget them. I have lost people all my life but losing my Grandma Rosa and losing my small service dog Beng rocked my world, and losing my adopted grandpa CC, all have been so hard to handle, but I really can get through it.
  4. My boobs are… Noticeably…. well sized and that is acceptable.
  5. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and so does everyone else.
  6. I really do love reality TV shows and I’ve really had to accepted this fact this year. Its been hard.
  7. I have chronic illness.
  8. I’m sick.
  9. I don’t need to try to fit in.
  10. I have autism and it will never go away. I embraced that I had it years ago but I accepted it fully this year.
  11. I like to think.. And think is an acceptable thing to do.
  12. I really do get fed up with people easily and I’m accepting this as something that will always happen but it doesn’t mean I need to get mad at them.
  13. Doctors are really annoying and they suck sometimes but it doesn’t mean all doctors are that way there are good doctors out there and they can be found. And they will help.
  14. My body will keep failing me but I won’t fail it.
  15. Dying isn’t that horrifying. And neither is death.
  16. My life will be bad sometimes but that doesn’t mean I have to be bad.
  17. I can be a pollyanna type person and still be an adult.
  18. I’m an adult. And can vote and I sign papers and yea…
  19. I am human I have rights I have a voice and I’m smart. I can talk I can speak and I can speak up when need be.
  20. I will always get to be my ever changing self and thats a wonderful thing.
  21. I don’t ever have to get married or be in a sexual relationship for my life to matter, I do whatever I want
  22. I’m happy. I have emotions.

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