To My Friends Who Don’t Have Chronic Diseases 

I want to thank you. I’m amazed by you. You don’t have chronic diseases but yet you have stuck by me, you have texted called facetimed and come and seen me in the hospital, sent me pretty things and gave me beautiful things. You have been a friend. 

    I know that you don’t understand all that is going on with my health, but yet you try to understand. You try. You have no clue how much that means to me. You have no clue how important you are to me. I am amazed by you daily. I can’t believe that even when all else fails you don’t fail me. 
    You’ve never walked away like the other friends who don’t have chronic diseases.  

   I remember the times AnnaJoh FaceTime me while in the hospital, she didn’t make me feel awkward or weird she just talked to me like she always has. She asked me to be in her wedding, even through she knows I’m sick she treats me like she always has fantastically. I met her when I was six and don’t know how my life would have been if I didn’t have her!!!

   JoJo drove four hours to come up and see me!! She made this wonderful art piece for me!! She told me I’m strong!! She moved to China and wasn’t really able to talk much, when she came back she got in touch with me. She cared about me. Even through we hadn’t been in touch it felt natural to talk to her about stuff. It felt good to just be friends, I never felt weird about it. 

  These friends stick by me. Hold on to me, they care about me. Tara and Holly always came to visit me in the hospital. They always came to make sure I was ok. 
   I lost people when I became sick but I didn’t lose them. My friends are a blessing. My friends are a blessing. Together we rule the world. I’m so blessed to have the friends I have, to love them to be with them and most of all to have people who care. 
   Thank you guys for being friends with the people who have diseases who live a fully different life but you know you stick with us. 

   I’ve never been one to give up on people and I’m so glad that they never gave up on me. I know it’s hard to be friends with someone like me. Someone who is ill and someone who has lingo that you might not understand but never once have you made me feel weird because of it. Thank you! Thanks for being my friends! 


Shayweasel is loved..

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