It’s Just Allergies that’s the scary part 

  I was 8 years old sitting in a doctors office. When the doctor told me it’s just allergies take some extra Benadryl. By the time I was 13 my just allergies were allergic to everything they had put on my back for the allergy test. They said it’s just allergies. 

   Another cold. A stomach that hates everything. Going vegan. Trying to find out why I hurt so bad. Too bad it’s just allergies
What it really is… is Being able to be allergic to anything at any moment. It’s having to have itchy eyes and it’s not being able to breath. I mean basically the doctors were right. It was just allergies. But those just allergies basically killed me. They still are. 
These diseases have a harsh reality that is scary to see. It’s scary to see. It’s two epipens and a ride in the ambralace it’s not having treatments. It’s doctors giving up on you. It’s a doctor telling you that you might end up dying before your 27 if your heart goes on like this. It’s feeling like you’ve felt like the world has crashed you but really is just your body. 

    It is shocking almost 13 years Looking and searching for my stomach issues. Almost 8 years since I found out about my 20 foods allergies 22 years since we found out I was allergic to all outdoors and 21 years since I we found out about dye allergies and things. 20 years since being diagnosed with asthma. 17 years since I was diagnosed with my dyslexia and autism. 15 years since I went to the hospital with really bad stomach pains. 

    What is shocking is that I’m still alive. 

  I’ve been put on life support. I’ve used over 200 epipens this year and do you understand that mean I’ve almost died over 200 times that I’ve set somewhere as my breathing became hard

As my oxygen dropped as my heart rate went up as my blood pressure went crazy high or crazy low. Do you understand! Dying can happen fast and for me

I take a risk every day by moving, standing breath. Yea it’s just allergies. 

It’s Just Allergies that’s the scary part. 

Shayweasel out sneezing 

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