JoJo loving! 


love to talk, as long as it’s about something I like, am into, read a book on, watch a tv/movie show on, love, or pretty much any book ever… I can talk and talk and talk… Not till I met JoJo did I meet someone outside my family who could talk as much as me.. And I loved it!!!    Me and JoJo use to go to The store get random snacks and then go somewhere and sit and talk… And talk and talk… I told JoJo everything.. And pretty much always want to!! Jojo showed up right when I needed her and she showed up again in my life right when I needed her… Somehow God knows when I need a JoJo, who loves to talk about anything and nothing and everything. Jojo can make me laugh and cry and feel all my emotions.

   JoJo told me something once that still makes me feel emotions “we all have so many emotions.. And we need to feel all of them.. So don’t let any emotion not be felt it will make them feel emotional.” she then giggled at her own joke and then of course I who was already laughing just hugged her. JoJo is one of the bravest people I know!! And she inspires me to do great things. And lived out that anyone can do great wonderful scary things and that dreaming is always amazing!! I love you JoJo thanks for always being here when I need you!  

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