11 things to a newly chronically ill person



1.  You’re going to cry a lot. And it’s gonna hurt. You are gonna have days where you wish you could be healthy.

The crying will become less as you learn to deal with your illnesses but some days are gonna be hard some days are just gonna be crying fits. And that’s okay.

2.  You aren’t gonna be strong all the time

so you think because normally when you feel the weakest is when you are truly being the strongest you can be! You don’t have to be so strong all the time. Let yourself feel each emotion that you have!

3. There are gonna be days where the pain is too much to handle

You will have moments where you don’t know how someone can feel as much pain as you are feeling and you will think you can’t make it through but somehow you will make it through! You will make it through.

4.  You are gonna out do yourself sometimes and you are gonna pay for it.

You are going to go to target or go to hang out with friends and then the next day or even later in the day, you are going to feel horrid and you are gonna cry and feel pain, you have used all your spoons for the rest of the week possibly.



5.  You aren’t gonna be like everyone else.

And  you never will be even if you magically get to be perfectly healthy this world you have now is gonna change you for hopefully the better, you aren’t gonna talk about the same things your friends talk about, you are gonna know what a port is and how to say medical things that others don’t you are gonna learn.

6. When you get the diagnoses

And you find out that this might be never ending you will be overwhelmed but you have to remember that people once thought the world was flat. And people and Drs can be wrong, you might not die from this disease but you might. Accept it.

7.   Don’t doubt yourself go with your gut

Never let anyone make you feel like you are less, if you feel like something is wrong or you don’t feel “right” trust your gut, go to the dr and/or ER. Trust yourself.

8. Don’t be scared to say no to something .

if you don’t feel like that’s what you need. I have told a doctor that I didn’t think that treatment was the best idea and I’ve had them look at me like I was being mean but if you don’t want that treatment or whatever don’t be scared to speak up.

9. You aren’t alone.

The world of spoonies is a big one and you are gonna meet some people who are mean just like anyone else in the world but know we aren’t all like that keep searching till you find the right friends and supporters who help…

10.  you don’t need to act like you got everything together

Be strong but not to strong and be brave enough to ask for help. Know when you need help and when you need to be strong and know when you need to cry.

11.    And finally you are going to be okay…

You’re going to love the weirdness of the diagnoses that you have, you are gonna be happy and sad, you are gonna have good days and bad days but you will slowly accept everything and you will be okay. You got this.. You truly are strong enough to live in your body.
Shayweasel out!

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