Fantastically Twins!!!

 I have three amazingly fantastically sisters two of their birthdays are today, and you might ask how i have sisters who share the same birthday well…. I have sisters who happen to be twins, they look alike if you’re wondering which everyone always is. Personally growing up I just always thought that everyone had twin sisters who look alike. But they don’t. 

  I really like my twin sisters, they both have big personalities which is something I adore. But more amazingly they are both super caring people. I have seen both of them give selflessly to something. They spent different summers doing work that I know was at times so hard on each of them. They work sleepless through college and they worked two sometimes three jobs while in college just to pay for everything, they have given up things to help others out included me. They have gone above and beyond doing selfless acts for others.


   Sam is always trying to find ways to help people she is shy but bold outspoken but soft spoken. She is like a light in random corners, I have had the wonderful time of watching Sam become a wife and mother, she loves her children, she adores them. I’ve seen her struggle in life but she has never given up, she is strong she is beautiful and seeing her be beautiful is amazingly fantastic.


  Vana is randomly always on top of things, she is smart, caring, loving and a huge nerd. she has such a big voice but she holds back sometimes she is amazing at finding ways to help others and she is good at being behind the screens. She is an amazing wife and she is gonna be an amazingly fantastic nurse, she doesn’t give up even when things got in her way she doesn’t give up.

  They both are such amazingly fantastically people that sometimes I don’t even feel like I was blessed enough to be born into a family full of awesomely fantastic people.

  My sisters are fantastically, they smile and light up rooms. They laugh and you just like hearing them laugh, coffee shops, target randomness, sweet laughter and fantastic time that’s what I think of when I think of my sisters who happen to be born together and share a birthday along with my DNA!!

  Don’t forget to eat cake, drink starbucks, and love life, because a birthday is amazing, 25 years is a fantastic time to live so here is to both of my twin sisters 26th years of life!!! It is gonna be fantastic I mean have you met them? They are pretty fantastic people.

  I don’t see them doing anything less than fantastically!!!

 I mean I’m weasel because of Sam, she is the one who started calling me weasel all those years ago, and vana calls me shay so me.. Shayweasel am me because of them being them. I am shayweasel… AND I am blessed enough to be who I am because my twin sisters chose to be themselves and to live life how they please. I am so glad that I have had the wonderfully fabulous chance of being sisters to them…


Shayweasel…. Out…

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