Thank You… No Really..


Hey Nick, Stephie…

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write you guys for sometime but the words that I want to say just seem like to little for all you both have done for me. I am thankful for the sleepless nights and the lovely thoughts and all the time you spent making my life, my health, my happiness easier and more enjoyable. I notice all the times I wake up from a seizure with you holding a napkin with my lovely vomit on it. I am thankful but I don’t know how I could thank you enough.

  Everything you have done for me is more than I could ever just put into a small amount of words. Thank you Nick for stabbing me with the epipen and auvi Q thank you for knowing what to do and say and for always staying calm.


  Thank you Stephie for coming to the hospital after work, before work, and even during work and staying with me, bring me coffee, holding my hand, buying me socks, buying me clothes, brushing my hair, telling me you stand behind me.

  Thank you both for making such an adorable child I just feel like this should be added in because she wouldn’t be so fantastically amazing without you both and she wouldn’t have such a kind heart if it wasn’t for both of you. She wouldn’t love so deeply. You guys are raising her gracefully and lovingly you both are doing a great job making her a person that is more amazing than any other 3 year old I know.

  Thank you for having amazing friends who stay with me and who will come over and hang out with me and who don’t freak out when I have seizures or when something happens. Thank you for never giving up on me.

   I hate that phrase I don’t know where I would be without you because I know I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today without you both. You guys took me in before I was sick you took me in after I became sick. In 2011 you guys let me come live with you guys and you always made sure I was safe.


  You both have done more for me then i could write out. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for caring for me and for loving who I am as a person. Thanks for the endless hours of watching Stargate with me Nick and thank you Stephanie for watching Orphan Black with me whenever I want. And thank you both for always listening to me rant and always being here when I needed someone.


  i am foreverly grateful for y’alls ever amazing kindness. You guys are true fighters, true heroes and you both have made me a better more loving person. Thank you.

Shayweasel out….

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