Healthish Updatish….

    I thought I would give you guys an update, so I’m not in the hospital which is cool.. But I’m still sick, The doctors aren’t sure what to do with me, we are working on finding the right medicine combo and right now thats okay. I have status epilepticus seizures, which are basically really long seizures. I am okay through, my papa has been sick and these past few months have been a weird ride but it’s a ride I wouldn’t change.. I might be sick, I might be ill but I’m happy and I don’t see a reason not to be happy.

   My body sucks sometimes. Sometimes it just turns off and goes into a coma, totally normal… But you know some people have MS, some people have Crohns and some have weird rare diseases.. I have bad days where I’m sad that I can’t do everything I use to.. But I have lots of good days and I have good moments, life is about loving all the moments not just the good ones.

   Through out my life I have had so many weird and random things happen to me… I’m not saying its easy, I’m saying it’s livable…

  I have had seizures, every couple of days. I have allergic reactions about once or twice a week, which they haven’t turned into anaphylaxis in a few weeks so thats good. I’m not giving up, I’m not really looking for a cure.. I’m looking for treatments, I’m looking for better understanding, I’m holding on to the hope that everyone wants to understand they just don’t know how to understand.. But yes, I am sick, yes I have chronic illnesses,

and sadly that chronic part means they aren’t going to go away… Chronic is sometimes a simpler way of saying incurable. I might get a little bit better.. I might become more ill. I might not be able to do  everything I want to do everyday, I might over do it and borrow spoons from tomorrow but sometimes you just have to live..

   My life isn’t horrible because I’m sick, God made me this way, because heck everyone knows that when you give me a challenge I’m gonna find a way, even if it’s not the normal way, to complete the task at hand… I’m not letting myself quit now, I have so much I’m gonna do…. So My health is… Not good, but right now it’s livable outside the hospital, yes my epipen might come into play and my seizures might show their nasty head, I might blackout from time to time and I might not get out of the house for a week at a time but I’m okay with this…

    Thank you rather much for the wonderful prayers, good vibes, and happy thoughts all of you guys have sent my way… Know that I feel them deeply in every way…
Shayweasel out…

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