Two Weeks Shay???!?!?

two weeks shay? it has taken you more like a month to write a blog post…  On a weird cold summer night I lied down and had a seizure, and the seizures didn’t stop for four hours, a medically induced coma and a tube in my lungs breathing for me… Maybe me very tired, woke up on a stormy thursday morning being cold and confused don’t remember much till that next week. After they let me go home which was a good idea I’m sure they thought so anyway..


On that rainy monday my seizures made an epic return and didn’t stop, with a tube breathing for me and a body full of medicine and them not sure what to do with me and my broken body they let me go after a week again… More days in the hospital then out. I want people to understand something, I’m ill… My body can in a day go from being at target tired and weak but being out and about to being on a tube that breaths for me…

This isn’t me being over dramatic, this isn’t all in my head, this isn’t me making a big deal out of nothing, this is my body slowly and utterly trying to slowly kill me. This is my body being broken. This is rare diseases, no treatment… No idea what to do or why its happening. My body is failing me, my body is tired but that’s okay,

I’m fighting still, I’m fighting hard, for treatment, for life, for the understanding of doctors understanding for me being something that doesn’t stop this is a body I have no control over sometimes this is people not seeing how ill I am till the coma made them see that I’m not okay…

I have rare diseases this is my life, this will be my life till I can have better treatments.. I’m going to keep fighting you won’t see me give up, but you will see me live, be alive, you will see me live, and above all you will see me be amazing, I don’t care if it’s from a hospital bed, or from bed or from the doctors offices, whatever it maybe I will live. I won’t give up on life I will be alive till the day I die, we just hope that isn’t soon..

I’m ShayWeasel, sometimes almost dying happens sometimes I am not okay, but I will not stop fighting but I will be sick its just a matter of how sick how ill how much I can do… I will be fighting if you need me…


Shayweasel out…..

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